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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Spring cleaning. Go.

Hello everybody.

We are still on our Easter/Worker's day holiday, so there is just enough time for most of us to roll up our sleeves and do some indoors jobs (alas, weather is not our friend these days, and rain prevents all outdoor activities). There's lot to inside, anyways.
When words "spring cleaning" comes to mind, many frown - myself included. However, seeing the home after you've done some polishing, organizing, minimizing, and after you've thrown away the not-so-needed items - it's well worth the labor.

I was looking for some interesting advises for the home, and was fortunate enough to locate one of the "total makeover" articles. It's about the subtle changes we can make (and afford) to transform our room from the one that got us bored (by spending the entire winter inside), into an area of inspiration, radiance and joy.

House and home remodeling is one of the major things we can get on in spring. Because Spring is the time all our power & will to produce came back. We are enthusiastic. We feel fresh.
So, best is to start now, right now - in the morning.
I read somewhere that if you put the most daunting task of your day at the beginning of your day, it’ll get done quicker and you’ll end up enjoying the rest of your day knowing that you’ve taken care of the biggest, most overwhelming job. The best part? You get to go through the rest of your day with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
Who else is cleaning, repairing, remodeling?


  1. I love some of those colour combinations, you don't see them much these days. Hope you enjoyed the holidays! X

    1. Hey!
      Having few days off was really great. It just "enough" to relax, and to have some guests, enjoy some happy times (eat eggs, ham and cake..) :)
      I'm glad you have liked these before - after pictures. They DO inspire.. and in a way give us the boost to make the changes on our own homes. Sure, my home is freshly re-modeled (reconstructed!), but I still like to change it up a bit over the season: flowers get outdoor, some furniture gets moved.. :)


  2. Ooooh yes! My husband sanded the bathroom floor yesterday, and then I varnished it. It's getting there...

    1. Progress!
      I'm glad to hear your bathroom is coming along so nicely. I know you'l be more than satisfied with it. especially with the fact that you have done part of the work yourselves.