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Sunday, 1 May 2016

It's EASTER! (over here) + Love Story:Love of a government girl

Hello everybody!

It's egg-cracking, boiled-ham-eating, joyful-greeting, cake-eating, gift-giving time to rejoice and smile from the bottom of our hearts. It's time to celebrate our Easter!

It is easy to decorate eggs with stickers, 
but the real skill is decorating eggs the Serbian way 
with onion skins and flowers. The way I did. :)

Children and adults look forward to the Easter tradition of dying eggs. Mothers, grandmothers and daughters gather on Good Friday boil and dye eggs, while the whole family participates in decorating them.You might well wonder how eggs came to be associated with Easter and how dyed eggs became a central part of the holiday tradition. Eggs symbolize the eternal life Jesus promises to believers. Eggs were originally dyed exclusively in red, as the symbol of life. It is believed that this custom comes from Mary Magdalene, who according to legend took eggs painted red to the Roman Emperor Tiberius when it became known that Christ was resurrected.

Yes, yes.. we are joyful-joyful!
..but, I will not leave you without a Love Story!
Take a look at this one, it's quite "confidential" :)

I've never seen a gal
hitting a secret agent with a garbage basket before. :)

I love EASTER: It's the holiday is especially welcome because it comes in spring, coinciding most years with warmer weather and the awakening of nature.
Let me leave you with our greeting:
Hristos Vaskrese! Vaistinu Vaskrese!
Those are the words you use to greet others when you see them on Orthodox Easter. Translation is: "Christ Resurrected! Indeed Resurrected!"


  1. happy easter the eggs look lovely

    1. Thanks, doll.
      Eggs are sort of a custom over here - we color them on the Big Friday, and we give them away on Easter (and days to follow)


  2. Happy Easter!

    Exciting story. I liked it a lot.

    1. Hello dear.
      Thank you for the kind words.
      Yeah - this story is rather fun.


  3. Happy Easter! Enjoy all the goodies you've been doing without. It's brough the sunshine, for sure. (Do you have sunshine right now? We've just started a little heatwave; it's lovely.)

    1. When I saw this comment, it poured :)
      Today is better - sunshine is bright, and strong enough.. to ensure me to leave my laundry to dry outside, while I'm at work. :)