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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Burda Wednesday: March1959, part IV

Hello everybody.

How is everyone doing this day? I hope your weather looks good, and your skies are the playground for the lovely sun - because over here, we're again covered with clouds above, but I'm hoping it'll clear out by afternoon. Moody weather pulls down my happy-go-lucky behavior.
However,  new research paper reports that a decrease in sunny weather is directly related to an increase in worker efficiency. Apparently, workers are especially productive on rainy days, simply because they're not tempted by the possibilities of a sunny day—a walk in the park, for example, or an afternoon at the beach.

Less weather-chatting
more fashion-pictures! :)
OK, let's wrap this March up, ready:

Dear housewives,
"They see it with their own eyes"
the difference in your laundry!

"Wonderfully soft" - yes, 
it's indeed a sanitary PAD advertisement. 
..and THAT is what they looked like.

This is how school-boys used to look like.
Little gentleman.

Facial creme.
Body image building-up
(alas, it's a double standard: there's a "plus size" section, but
they are also advertising "weight loss" for being pretty)

A hidden gem:
this dotted coat is super-lovely

Just so you know:
deep frying in coconut fat is still deep-frying.
and the portion of this meat is actually TWICE the size recommended. :)

Now, now..
that is a wholesome breakfast!

I like this banana desert.
Looks quite rich,
a combination of orange and banana slices
with a creamy egg custard.

A great way to keep yourself occupied:
remodeling an old piece of furniture; just beware: 
try to avoid those "old & moist," smelly ones - the smell NEVER goes away
(I speak from experience)

These "SPALT" tablets are made to
control your menstrual cramps 
(no, there is no better way of saying it)

Shiny kitchen-ware.

On the right: what we call "triangle cheese"
perfectly melts and taste is amazing

Alas, I never have the time to start a project like this one.

New stitches.

Dear Heavens:
please, send me this hat.. it's divine.
thank you. :)

Back to "smelly" furniture.
What makes furniture start giving out that strange, moist, hard to avoid kind of smell? The ways to remove smells from our furniture depend on the way the sell got inside wood in the first place. Sadly, in my mom's home (and, later on, in the house I've got) we haven't got the idea of what is the source.. Was it something edible grandma had "stored" and forgot all about it? Was it something like an old rag that got wet and moldy, that the previous owner of my home tossed in and forgot to take out?
We have tried many methods hoping that it will vanish.
I never did. 
Now don’t let my story deter you.. it can be done!
...and that gave me something to post about!


  1. I'd love to have a painted chest like that in my house.

    That hat is beautiful. I also like the pearly-rosy beads and the orchid shade of her dress.

    Is Burda still being published?

  2. Ooooh, that tablecloth! I do love one-colour embroidery. But you're right, embroidery takes so much time. (I guess I'd have more time if I spent less on the internet...)

    That roast with the sausages pushed through it looks fun.