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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Burda Wednesday: March1959, part III

Hello everybody

First day of work, after the Easter holiday. Back at the office, the rain has started (again), and the heating season for governmental buildings is over (yeah, there's a "season" for that; and it was officially over, so the offices are a bit colder than we're used to). We have had to opt for using the air conditioner in order to "lift the mood" just a bit. :)

...but, actually, lifting our mood
is best done by some great fashion. 
Let's continue our trip to 1959.

Spotting some daring patterns.
Never be afraid to mix and match. 

These are "practical" dresses
and it always makes me smile: 
back then dresses were such an essential,
a woman could not imagine NOT wearing it. 

Great shapes that allow body movement,
large pockets, sturdy waists.. 
they are indeed - practical.
(and there's no excuse for not wearing a dress)

Lovely, like little dolls.

Oh! OH!
back, before I started choosing my own clothes (tomboy-style!)
I wore something like this, it was super-important
to have black shiny shoes and white socks (with lace on top)

Absolutely a staple:
collar shitr. better know as a "polo" shirt.

In Serbia, we call them "the crocodile" due to the fact that the most famous of all the brands making polo shirts is "La Costa" - and their logo is indeed-- a crocodile. :)

(nowadays better known as "an evening dress"  :)

I suppose. a story. 

"My granddad built the Alps"
"Not really. MY granddad killed the Black Sea!"

One of those powders that magically
clean everything.
(over here, I prefer simple baking soda)

"Perwoll" was then, and is now;
still washing our laundry

Raining - still. 
Recent research has determined that bad weather actually increases work productivity when compared to days with good weather. Without distractions such daydreaming about playing tennis or going out on the lake to take advantage of the beautiful weather, more work generally gets accomplished. 
I suppose, it's good for us, then. :)
...let's be productive (since we can't do much else!)


  1. I use baking soda for cleaning too, especially in the kitchen. Can't believe how much money I wasted over the years on 'kitchen cleaner' products when bicarb does a better job for pennies, AND it's non-toxic.

    Dresses are practical. As you say, they can give you plenty of room to move, as long as they aren't too tight. I do most things in dresses. I do have a very tatty old shirt and yoga pants for anything involving paint, mind you. The history of my house is in the splatters on that shirt!

    1. Hey-hey for baking-soda!
      In my house, I prefer the simple ingredients: baking soda, vinegar, salt, alcohol.. only on occasion I use a cheap "WC cleaner" (the truth being:; the cheaper the stuff, the less ingredients it has and less toxic it is) :)


  2. It's supposed to be cool and gray with some rain all week here. Not very May-like at all. Has this chilly grayness covered the whole world?

    I love this Burda! So colorful and happy. I think people nowadays wear too much black.

    1. Yes, Dawn:
      Chilly mornings and gray-looking skies have predominately covered the entire planet. And it is our duty to fight the sad mood they are trying to force on us.
      One way to do it is: wearing colorful clothing.