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Saturday, 2 April 2016

When was the last time we sang to Spring?

Hello everybody.

To all of you, my dear friends. who worried about my over-time - thank you, honestly. The work is no joke; and in this day and age, it is getting harder to get a support in that moment when all you need is a healing hug. Human contact and kinship help ease the anxiety (our evolutionary ancestors, of course, were always safer in numbers). 
Another factor that adds to this problem—especially among young people—is our growing reliance on texting and social media for community, which many psychologists say is no substitute for real human interaction. 

When you're feeling most dreadful, 
you don't run to your social media profile for consolation; 
you run to a flesh-and-blood friend,
and go outdoors to enjoy the Spring in full bloom!


 Oh, the lovely day is outside!
For the first time in a while, I'm not going to spend it being closed office doors - so, there are many, many plans: weeding, window washing.. taking a friend to walk!
Whether it’s the feeling of being at one with nature, the smells, the sounds, the feeling of being a small part of a big world, or just escaping from the “grind” for a few minutes, a walk outside is a mood improver. 
Go away stress, go. 
So, my advice for today is: take a friend outdoors and come back with the hing endorphin level, lungs full of spring's delights and a smile on your faces!.


  1. Enjoy your Spring day!

    It's supposed to snow here tomorrow and it was 70F on Thursday! Crazy New England weather.

    1. SNOW?!
      Well, to be honest, my dear.. we had snow in April, too. It's been years since that's happened last, but one MUST remember that April can play tricks.


  2. Getting outside is such a good thing to do - there's something healing about just putting feet on the grass. I bet Sarka enjoyed her walk too.

    1. Hello dear.
      to be honest: Šarka is no longer manageable - in that way. She's a darling, for sure, but gone HUGE for handling. And, with her breed's natural urge to "eliminate" smaller creatures that come in their way, it's rather safer to let her play around in her garden.. and occasional "friend" comes on a play-date. :)


  3. So very lovely! We should sing to spring - and dance to it as well. This weekend was the first that really felt like the season here. We woke up to buckets of rain today, but really that just plays up spring's return all the more.

    Many hugs & sincere thanks for your wonderfully nice birthday wishes for my mom,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Sing, dance.. play the trumpet!
      Spring is HERE.. but, still, I'm weary of the potential sudden temperature drop. April's tricky nature is something to look out for. :)