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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ladies - you are allowed to cycle. :)

Hello everybody.

It's not breaking news that riding a bike can be really, really good for you: It torches calories, tones your legs, is easier on your joints than running, and can help strengthen your heart.
Cycling is an outdoor activity that takes one''s mind out of everyday life’s monotony and stress and can help a person enjoy the fresh feel of Nature. Cycling also helps in improving an individual’s well-being and self esteem.
That is why I'm so happy to be "back in the saddle" :)

But, before you head out to "hit the road",
here's a little bit of ladies cycling (hi)story

It is difficult to think of another invention which has done, and has the potential to do, so much to both meet individual needs for liberation, enjoyment and freedom while at the same time bringing about changes which benefit society as a whole. I am sure most people reading this will agree that this is a tale which belongs as much to the present as the past. It is certainly my hope that telling the story of the bicycle’s original impact on our society can do something to shift wider perceptions of cyclists today

Few KEY notes for the end:
Bikes must follow the same road rules as other vehicles. Ride in the direction of traffic flow, use hand signals before turning, obey light signals (make a full stop at red lights and stop signs) and yield right-of-way. Ride single file. Keep to the far right of the road except when making a left-hand turn. Stay alert—watch for opening car doors, debris in the road and turning vehicles. Cross intersections carefully.


  1. I cannot ride a bike. Oh, I can get on and pedal, but I have no road sense so I'd end up dead. I was the only kid in my year at school to fail the cycling proficiency test. (I can't drive a car either.)

    When we went to Burma, our guide in Nyaung Shwe hired bikes for us and I was absolutely terrified. All day I kept telling myself that I *couldn't* have an accident because I'd have to go to hospital in Thailand and I did not want to go to Thailand on that trip. It didn't help that they seem to have completely different rules of the road over there, and the bike was a crappy old thing with no brakes.

  2. What a delightfully fun look at cycling's past. Three cheers for the return of weather that suits biking to a tee.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica