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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Burda Wednesday: March1959, part I

Hello everybody.

For some reason, ever since I've dressed up this morning, my head is filled with "Mahna Mahna"from The Muppet Show, and I doubt it'll go away on it's own. :)

Looking gorgeous in red.

Here are some rings 
(to remind us, not-yet-tied-up, to think about it)

Lips are better with "Tosca"

Brave the sun,
with amazing dresses
shapes are loose and breezy.

I say "Stripes!"

This would be perfect for a holiday.

I see a bunny  I think of EAster
(it's so CLOSE now!)

Grace Kelly?
Sure looks like Princess of Monaco.

This is like a snap from some glamorous movie, right?

Polka-dot my heart! :)

Braving out PURE colors.

Something about this olive-colored dress, 
makes me smile from joy.

Ladies (and fashionable gents), this issue of Burda - and all those to come - are more and more up-with-changes. Can you see how lines change, how dress style and shoe have became less ball-room and more street-friendly? 
but, why am I singing
"Mahna Mahna"from The Muppet Show?!
This is why:

It's a pinafore dress ..trousers?
and it's made out of velvet.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, thank you, dear.
      More and more, fashion on these pages is shifting - and it's sort of historic document.


  2. I love the dress on the cover. So pretty.

    It looks like a lot of my favorites are red. I like the outfit on the lady on the trolley and the red polka dot dress.

    I love the style of the olive green dress, also that blue is darling.

    Oh, I love your outfit! Very kicky and mid-60s mod if it were in a bright color. Perfect for riding a scooter or a bicycle.

    1. Hey Dawn.
      I absolutely agree with you, the dress that they have chosen for the cover is amazing, such a spring-like and elegant style, right?
      ..and: THANK YOU, you are most kind.
      The outfit is so well preserved, I got surprised. Never have I seen velvet with do damage to it, and that it's shape is still as good as new. I suppose it's owner wasn't using it much before giving it up for good.


  3. Very chic styles here. I was drawn to the reds right away (no surprise there, I'm sure), but also really, really dig the earth tones, which seem to foreshadow the very nature centered looks (and decor trends) that would follow later in the decade.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. No surprise your eve caught the red ones, Jess.
      Those are the colors of joy, and I know they are among your personal favorites. :)


  4. REally love your Pinafore dress or PInofore skort (skirt/short). Great piece!

  5. I love your outfit! I bet it feels really nice to wear.

    (I think we are shoe twinsies today; mine are very similar.)