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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Burda Wednesday: February 1959, part III

Hello everybody.

It's a fine spring day. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. Love is in the air. When spring hits, it’s hard to feel down in the dumps. :)
Today I am thankful for spring. Spring has sprung here in Serbia, and I love the spring's gifts of joy and how everything comes back to life after winter.

Let's take a look at Burda, shall we?

How German fashion
went to New York

Knitting for kids.

I'll skip these pages.. 'till May-day

...but I won't ignore the fact that
they are so lovely.

Up, up.. in the right corner..
that's Lent-proof.
(when in "lent", always go for salad)  :)

What a bright and joyful colors!

This model has got a lovely face.. really pleasant.

OK, to tell the truth:
I love the apple-shaped sugar bowl
sure, it's kitsch.. but I love it still.

..and take a look at this egg basket!

Really, but REALLY:
having your "whites" white is always a topic.

For all of you out there who love old sewing machines,
this page is a *swoon* :)

The advertisement titled:
"Ever wonder why are you so terribly tired?"
my word: YES, yes I wonder..

These two beauties are PERFECT way to end an issue of Burda
just take a look at this pattern
it's quintessentially Spring! :)

The thing that amazes me about spring is that similar magic occurs every year (in fact, even before all of us were born).

As for me, lately:

Spring calls for "pictures with plants" :)
while I was pushing my overtime, and "improving efficiency"
I've tried and tested SO MANY new 15 minute meals
one of them turned out the  same color as my hair (beetroots!) :)


This is what I'm wearing (really love this 1960s dress)
After handing down the envelope (overtime completed!)
we stopped at "friend of a friend" for a coffee

I hope you feel the joyful mood I'm sending your way!


  1. Wow, that 60s dress is lovely - the print on it is so dramatic.

    I like the look of those Burda cakes, especially the one with the tulips on. How long is it until your Easter when you can eat all sorts of things again?

  2. I love your outfits. You look great.

    I love the apple sugar bowl, too. So cute.

    The embroidered table cloth and napkins are gorgeous. I can't all the hours it would take to make them.