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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mother goose's garden... she lays eggs - filled with stories!

Hello everyone.

Days are passing (now, I've said the biggest wisdom of them all.. like you haven't known that one). No, honestly, we're letting out time pass by and we should not just be the by-standers in our own lives. Especially in this part of the year, as we all count days before the GREATEST holiday in our year (and yours?)

It's THAT close!
(not for us over here.. but you guise
can smell it in the air, right?)

Like Christmas, Easter has lost much of its religious meaning in popular culture. Ask your average kid what the holiday is about and they will tell you all about the Easter Bunny, eggs hunts, and baskets full of candy.
It's the time of giving!

One thing you should surely do this week is: pay closer attention to your kids (and your little neighbors) and give them "a time to celebrate", meaning: snip a bit of your own time and dedicate it to the small Humans out there.. and what better way than to read them a tale?1

What you read has an impact on the way you think. So does what you watch on TV or at the movies. I often think about what I want to let into my mind to influence my way thinking. . and that is why I like posting these innocent stories for the little ones: never to let the child in us go.
Have a great day.


  1. I don't actually know any small people! So no stories from me this year...

  2. What a cute collection of stories! Was this a WWI series from a magazine or newspaper?