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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Love Story: The helping heart

Hello everybody

First off all, I have a short message to all of you out there celebrating today:

Now is the day of Hope, and it's the time to heal,
time when your hearts shine and your souls rejoice 
free from all the worries.

Happy Easter!

For me, over here, Easter is still quite far off - this is one of those years when our two celebrations are furthest apart. However, it's not a Sunday like any other - we try our best to greet all our friends and neighbors in the proper way and congratulate them on this holy day.

....shall we give a Love Story a "go"? :)

Not a "happy ending", and honestly
someone who puts lives in danger, sabotages a damn, 
threatens to cause the spread of a dangerous illness..
gosh, she's was lucky not to end behind bars! :)

I hope, again and again that you will spend this day in the most joyful and glorious way, my dear friends, and that your hearts will sing from the amount of happiness, that can not be contained.
Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter to you too!

  2. I really liked this story. The art work was great. I'm glad this story didn't have the typical happy ending where all is forgiven and no penalty is paid. What a dangerous, selfish, and crazy stunt to pull! No thought at all to how many lives could've been lost nor of the cost for these poor people to rebuild. I like that Amelia is truly remorseful and trying to make reparations by going into nursing herself.

    1. Dear DAwn,
      You have said it all: I agree.
      Sometimes I feel like having a "happy ending" would really ruin the story for us. Like this one, for example: I can not imagine happiness for someone who tried to ruin people's lives for the sake of her jealousy..


  3. That bunny is so adorable! :) I hope that the spring is off to a splendid start for you, my beautiful friend, and that you're having a lovely lead up to your own Easter celebration.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. We+re still on a long run..
      ...but our preparations are slowly taking speed.