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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Burda Wednesday: January 1959, part II

Hello everybody

Well, they've moved to "go time" up a lot!
Today, we're heading out to a conference, and I got to move my work hours a bit, so I can start later. I got up and started my "Saturday slow mode", but one phone call changed everything: my boss MOVED the start time, and our delegation is leaving a hour earlier!
Now, I must dash.. do everything fast, fast, faster.....

..but I will not leave without posting 
our dear Burda magazine pages:


Oh, remember that in January, in Germany,
it's CARNIVAL time?!
Here are some amazing ideas:

This hand-work is pure art!

Well, here's to busy Wednesdays!
(must check is my passport in the bag)  :)


  1. I hope the conference goes well.

    (Passport? Sounds intriguing.)

    1. Passport..yeah..
      Well, due to the fact that Serbia does not have "white" visa system,we have to show passports even when we go to our neighboring countries. :)


  2. I hope you got off to the convention ok. Who takes care of Sarka while you are away? I hope I got your dog's name correct.

    Wow, that blue plaid suit has some very unfortunate proportions! The poor model can't even muster up a smile.

    The illustrations for the Carnival and children's fashions are just darling.

    1. DAwn,
      I love January issues of Burda, because Carnival looks are so adorable! :)
      ..about Šarka (yes, you wrote it well): I'm usually off after I feed her morning meal, and back for her night meal - so, no one needs to be bothered. And, since she's loose in the large yard, she has herself entertained. :)


    2. I see, you aren't going away for any overnights. I assumed you were going away for a couple of days.

  3. Wishing you safe trip, sweet Marija. Thank you for squeezing in another terrific edition of Burda Wednesday, even with the unexpected early start. You're such a dear!

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica