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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Burda Wednesday: January 1959, part I

Hello everybody.

Welcome to 1959, the last year of a glorious decade!
Historians use the word “boom” to describe a lot of things about the 1950s: the booming economy, the booming suburbs and most of all the so-called “baby boom.” Technology advanced rapidly after the war and soon transformed the lives of many people around the globe. Later on, came televisions  and provided a link to the rest of the world.. and cars gave people a new mobility that would change the patterns of leisure and living.

Are you ready for the first issue
of the decade's last year?!

Red lips are slowly becoming pink
..everything is turning toward pastel.

As you can see, Burda has decided
to star printing additional magazines:
as of now, they've got January set for masquerade!

Advertisements are moving toward the front pages
(remember, back in the beginning,
they were shy, away in the back)

By the end of 1950s a lot of folk 
has washing machines and the daily jobs got easier.


Special model for January
I say I love it.

yet an interesting cut of this dress - in royal blue

Now, this is ICONIC! :)

Here are bright pieces,
perfect for the office: then & now

I can't say I'd wear the low-waist,
but it looks great.

Marvelous looking ladies
The one on the left just might be my favorite
from this issue. 

Never be ashamed of your curves;
here are some curvy ladies looking GREAT

This page is so.. accented.
Pink phone!

The booming prosperity of the 1950s helped to create a widespread sense of stability, contentment and a stronger bond within communities all over the world.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Aaah, another winning set of designs from Burda. I like all of them this time, especially those office outfits you picked out.

    1. Aaah, yes.
      Million times YES - this issue featured some truly majestic pieces!


  2. That dress on the last page is so timeless. It wouldn't look out of place today.

    This is a great issue so far. I love just about everything. I am dying over the color of the suit on the cover. That is like my most flattering color that isn't seen too often, a lovely mauvey lilac.

    And I would kill for a pair of pink leather gloves that go up the wrist as worn in this Burda.

    1. Dawn,

      I'm glad this post has lifted your mood. And I'm glad you've liked the fashion; since it's by far the most "daily wear" issue so far. Fashion here is something I could (and would!) wear to work, to market, to a dinner party (if I ever get invited to one) :)


  3. My word, it's hard to believe we've hit the first month of the final year of the 1950s already. I remember when this series began and look back on each and every Burda post so far with such fondness and thanks to you for all the hard work and passion you put into bring them our way. Here's to 1959 and however far into the future you may wish to continue the series beyond then.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica