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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Burda Wednesday: February 1959, part I

Hello everybody

Spring in purple, that should be the subtitle of this post. We're starting our Burda pages with an amazing color of lilac - nothing tells "spring" better than a sweet sense of that blooming bush!
...but I too busy to notice...

I am busy.
There's just so much work these days. Sadly, the toll is on our department's back
Some people perceive being “too busy” as a sign of success or a flourishing career. Although this can be true, being constantly overworked and overwhelmed has more detrimental than positive effects. Being crazy-busy implies stress; and our body can only take so much pressure before it activates its stress response and runs on “survival or panic mode.”
It's stress.
Stress can be helpful and motivating to some degree, but substantial evidence shows that chronic exposure to high levels of stress prompts the body to release potent and harmful hormones, which can potentially damage several body systems.
Stress can cause a roller coaster of emotions.
There is nothing wrong with fulfilling our responsibilities, obligations, and duties. However, we must know how to draw the line between working for a living and living for work.
Note to self: Remember that balance is key to everything.
Have a great day!


  1. I hope this super-busy time at work eases up for you soon.

    I just noticed those are horoscopes on the first page. Did Burda always have those?

    The color of the cover outfit is luscious. I am also swooning over the orchid color of the outfit with the lady holding daffodils.

    I see we are entering a period influenced by the fashions of the 1920s.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      Thank you for your kind words, it means a LOT to me, knowing there's someone out there caring about me well-being :)

  2. I hope you're not feeling too stressed right now. I've had to take more responsibilities at work too, and it can be very draining. Too much stress leaves the body open to all sorts of ilnesses, I find I'm more prone to viruses when I'm overworked.

    (Your letter has arrived, so I will get to work answering it! I had to stop Ziggy from eating it; he loves attacking the post.)

    Lovely Burda - you can really see the bigger collars creeping in now, on the way to that classic 60s smart look.

    1. Darling Mim,
      Firstly: I'm so happy tat my letter reached you. To tell the truth - I gave it to my colleague to post it for me... yeah, THAT busy was I lately...
      Ziggy is adorable, and if the letter gets to be a "collateral" just let me know to post another one :)


  3. Sweet Marija, I'm wholeheartedly sorry that you've been dealing with that. Thank you for sharing about the stress you've been battling with us. Please know that I'm here 24/7 if you need someone to talk to about anything in the whole wide world.

    On a more upbeat note...How beautiful are these fab late 50s fashions? I'm digging the solid hued pieces and strong lines big time. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, the older I get, the more late 50s/early 60s styles speak to me (I think it's because many of them work so well for ladies who are in their 30s or older - a camp that at nearly 32 years old, I certainly fall into now).

    Tons of hugs & serene wishes coming your way,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello Jess.
      THANK you for your support, it means a LOT to me.
      I'm so happy to (at lest that) be aware that there is always folks out there caring enough to ask me how I am. :)