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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Burda Wednesday: February 1959, part I

Hello everybody

Spring in purple, that should be the subtitle of this post. We're starting our Burda pages with an amazing color of lilac - nothing tells "spring" better than a sweet sense of that blooming bush!
...but I too busy to notice...

I am busy.
There's just so much work these days. Sadly, the toll is on our department's back
Some people perceive being “too busy” as a sign of success or a flourishing career. Although this can be true, being constantly overworked and overwhelmed has more detrimental than positive effects. Being crazy-busy implies stress; and our body can only take so much pressure before it activates its stress response and runs on “survival or panic mode.”
It's stress.
Stress can be helpful and motivating to some degree, but substantial evidence shows that chronic exposure to high levels of stress prompts the body to release potent and harmful hormones, which can potentially damage several body systems.
Stress can cause a roller coaster of emotions.
There is nothing wrong with fulfilling our responsibilities, obligations, and duties. However, we must know how to draw the line between working for a living and living for work.
Note to self: Remember that balance is key to everything.
Have a great day!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Love Story: The helping heart

Hello everybody

First off all, I have a short message to all of you out there celebrating today:

Now is the day of Hope, and it's the time to heal,
time when your hearts shine and your souls rejoice 
free from all the worries.

Happy Easter!

For me, over here, Easter is still quite far off - this is one of those years when our two celebrations are furthest apart. However, it's not a Sunday like any other - we try our best to greet all our friends and neighbors in the proper way and congratulate them on this holy day.

....shall we give a Love Story a "go"? :)

Not a "happy ending", and honestly
someone who puts lives in danger, sabotages a damn, 
threatens to cause the spread of a dangerous illness..
gosh, she's was lucky not to end behind bars! :)

I hope, again and again that you will spend this day in the most joyful and glorious way, my dear friends, and that your hearts will sing from the amount of happiness, that can not be contained.
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Burda Wednesday: January 1959, part III

Hello everybody

First days of spring are quite rainy over here. It hasn't stopped raining for two days now; and will continue for a while more. Hopefully, it will stop until weekend, so that our neighbors and friends can have a joyful and sunny Easter.

I don't know a better way to divert our minds from this rainy day
other that some fabulous pages 
from our favorite magazine:

Each day we must (that is a "must do") find a way to be joyful, to make our mood better, to make ourselves smile more and more.. until there's not even a second in a day that we're frowning. If fashion is your way, by all means, surround yourself with fashionable items, images of glamorous lades (feel free to print these pages from Burda, if they suit your style).
I'll leave you with an amazing quote:
You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mother goose's garden... she lays eggs - filled with stories!

Hello everyone.

Days are passing (now, I've said the biggest wisdom of them all.. like you haven't known that one). No, honestly, we're letting out time pass by and we should not just be the by-standers in our own lives. Especially in this part of the year, as we all count days before the GREATEST holiday in our year (and yours?)

It's THAT close!
(not for us over here.. but you guise
can smell it in the air, right?)

Like Christmas, Easter has lost much of its religious meaning in popular culture. Ask your average kid what the holiday is about and they will tell you all about the Easter Bunny, eggs hunts, and baskets full of candy.
It's the time of giving!

One thing you should surely do this week is: pay closer attention to your kids (and your little neighbors) and give them "a time to celebrate", meaning: snip a bit of your own time and dedicate it to the small Humans out there.. and what better way than to read them a tale?1

What you read has an impact on the way you think. So does what you watch on TV or at the movies. I often think about what I want to let into my mind to influence my way thinking. . and that is why I like posting these innocent stories for the little ones: never to let the child in us go.
Have a great day.