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Friday, 19 February 2016

Telling someone's personality by their clothes.

Hello everybody

Here's an interesting theme for a conversation: can we NOT "judge the book by it's covers"?!, or to make this more clear: how important is our overall image in the world's eyes?
Few posts back, I gave you texts about proper posture, personal hygiene and hair & makeup - all that now we consider an essential part of our daily preparations.

Hopefully, it's:
modest, not offensive, elementary,
with just a hint of personality. :)

Back in 1961, editors of "Australian women weekly" decided to print an article regarding the way we look; and play around with the old saying "clothes make a man".. in our case: a woman.

Have you ever had that feeling of "need to wear" some clothes?
For instance: I'm one of those prep-before-bed kind of folks, and I like to prepare my clothes (check for damages, press if needed) in the evening. However, some mornings I simply can not put on what I chose the evening before. Something's pulling me toward some other choice, and changes in outfit have to be made.

This text is exactly on those "feelings"
we all get:

We are often told not to "judge the book by it's covers", however, nowadays, it is the cover that makes all the difference. Although I don't really fall into any of these categories, I still find this article amusing - it shows the wast importance clothing had on our lives back then.
We can't ignore the presence of a rag-doll on a social gathering, can we? No matter how we try, we also can't "not see" that odd-looking posh lady strolling around Farmer's market, dressed more like a media personality, and less like someone who came to buy bunch of apples, right?
We get to chose how we want to world to see us!
People are superficial. We tend to be done making our initial opinion of someone before we’ve actually spoken to them. That means that your clothing is going to have a direct effect on people’s default assumptions of you — the better you’re dressed, the more respect and attention they’re going to automatically give you.
Appearances matter in real and fundamental ways that affect our daily life – from how we are greeted when meeting others for the first time to whether or not we’ll be harassed while traveling.
What say you?
Have you ever stopped while picking wardrobe and thought "what am I telling the world by wearing this?"
Happy Friday!


  1. I love these old descriptions, so amusing! You look office-perfect xx

    1. Hello dear!
      I have found these and thought they are amusing, but also have a bit ot" teaching" within the words - they give directions to ladies, and point out some flaws we might not notice.

      Great having you here!

  2. I occasionally wonder what people think of my clothes, but I like them so I'm going to wear them. As long as they're appropriate (smart for a wedding, dark colours for a funeral etc.) the actual style shouldn't matter. The important thing is to be clean - to me, if someone's dirty, it indicates a a health problem (physical or mental) that they need help with, or extreme poverty that again they need help with.

    I think because I wear a lot of 'old lady' clothes (especially in winter, in my wool skirts and jumpers) people assume I'm going to be very quiet and polite. Certainly my taste in music surprises people; when I bought a couple of Iron Maiden CDs the young man on the till in the music shop was startled.

    1. Mim,
      First and foremost thing I've learned while I was braving out my vintage & used clothes is that people WILL STARE no matter what we wear, do, or even look. Some people JUST stare. It's a fact of life, not something to be bothered about it. :)
      You have stated the most important thing:
      ...and fitting.
      That is the essence of looking decent.
      (minus flip-flops.... I'm not a supporter of "look at my toes" - leave those for your beach-time, don't take them out to street) :)

      Huge hug!

  3. Cute article. Seems like a lot of the people nowadays fall into the Girl Who Won't Try category.

    From what I've seen, you have a very distinct style. Modest, sleek, vintage and modern at the same time. I like your look very much.

    I tend to soft colors and flowy skirts and dresses, mid-calf to ankle. I like stripes on others but not on myself. I am drawn to florals and paisleys. I adore paisley. I feel choked in anything structured like a tailored suit or jacket. I love waterfall cardigans, cardigans in general, and even ponchos and shawls. I guess my look is sort of prim bohemian. I also love lace. And I have long, wavy gray hair so I guess I just look soft and flowy overall.

    1. You are right, Dawn.
      Most of the folks (both genders) so easily fall into "I can't be bothered" category.
      By the sound of it, you must be a sight for fashion-sore eyes, my dear. Not many like to show their true nature with outfits, since they are afraid they'll stick out!
      You are amazing!