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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Love story: Lure of Latin Love

Hello everyone

It's Sunday!
I'm reminding myself of some childhood moments, back when the times were a bit different over here; because we've lived in 1950s up until year 2000; when we suddenly adsorbed ALL the "brave new" lifestyle: computers, reality-TV, no such thing as health and safety or children’s rights.
We were taught discipline at home. 
I grew up in a much safer environment than we can ever imagine these days. Children were able to enjoy the freedom of outdoor life. We played lots of rough-and-tumble games, got dirty and fell out of trees. We were more free, I suppose - and less scared.

While I'm still day-dreaming about time-gone-by
I'll let you read a story:

If someone I fancied called me 
a "crude mediocre"
I doubt he'd be my sweetheart.
But if someone jumped in a fire for me?!

Women in these feature strong sense of fashion, but a bleak capability of picking situations. 
There was something cosy about growing up in the last decade in which most children retained their childish innocence to the age of 12 or 13 and enjoyed a carefree life full of fun and games. The stresses of adolescence and then adult life could wait. 
We were lucky.


  1. Hmm, I think Phil should have been more understanding about the scholarship at the beginning - perhaps if he'd been as excited for her as she was for herself, she wouldn't have forgotten him as quickly.

    I'm glad I live in a time where I can have my own career! And a husband who's happy with that.

    1. Mim,
      We are blessed with having so many liberties in our lives, and having the ability to work - and not just that, but to CHOSE the work we like.. it's the biggest step-up for our gender.


  2. Exciting story! If real life were like these stories, it would be easy to steer clear of rotten men. Just avoid anyone with a mustache! haha