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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Count your blessings

Hello everyone

After a long walk and much-needed time alone, I've decided to give this post a "go" and publish it; even though some might find it's not really a matter of vintage "theme". 

The title, surely is a powerful one - I thought I'd go for 
"what does not kill you makes you stronger", 
but it reminded me too much of pop-music. :)

Last week, as some of you might know, I have had a furnace had a "miss-fire". My furnace is made out of tiles and is "fed" by fire-wood. I believe the closes thing to call it in English is "tile stove" - to be more precise, I'll refer you to Wiki's page on the thing
Fortune was not smiling at me that day.. at least not in the beginning of the trouble. I usually clean and fill up the furnace in the morning, before breakfast, so that I can light it up when I get back from work without all the time-consuming tasks.. and I did. 
I came back from work, took a match, lighted the fire. All was well, the burning process started, so it was safe for me to cross the street and visit the parents. Somewhere along that time, while I was talking to my mom - something must have happened (the air pressure dropped, a wet wind swirled around my house... one of the fire-woods was wet?!); and when I came back, less than an hour later, my home was packed with BLACK smoke.
Breathing was hard, but clearing out the furnace was a priority.. one should not wait the nightfall in a house that is still filling-up with smoke. I had to act, meaning: shovel out all the burning wood from the furnace and take them outside - and then open all the windows to let the living air back in.
Mind the cold, that was the last thing on my mind.
While I was cleaning-out those burning logs, my thought went out to all the data I knew, about dangers of smoke-inhalation, the long-term effect, and the fact that TIME is the most important thing when surrounded by heavy smoke.
I managed to fix everything (OK, some of the clothes still needs washing, because everything smells like a bonfire, but it's being sorted out), the important thing is: I got out in time.
My lungs still hurt, and a cough a bit, aside from that there are NO signs of a long-time effects. Meaning: fortune smiled at me.

Hence this:

One of the things I am blessed with are
people who care 
(you, who worried and read this - included) :)

One way to feel happy, people say, is to count your blessings and count them twice. You know what I say? Count your blessings twice a day, every day, for as long as you live.
Every day we should remind ourselves of the things that truly MATTER to us. People matter (as you had a chance to read, few posts ago, when friends came with axes) :)

I’m happy to be alive, with air, water, food, clothing, and shelter to keep me going. 
I am grateful for my stable job that pays the bills, and allows me to afford various leisure pursuits. I am content about having a loving family and great people as friends, plus a world with plenty of wonderful people I have yet to meet. 
Most importantly, I am happy that life is full of opportunities to discover new and exciting things.

How about you?
Do you count your own blessings?


  1. OMG, how scary! I am so glad you are all right. I hope there wasn't too much damage or loss of belongings.

    I count my blessings almost every day. It really helps to keep me grateful for all I have rather than envying those who have more.

    1. Thank you Dawn.
      I am fine now. There was no loss to my belongings, because there was no fire, aside from the one in the furnace and the burning wood that I've pulled out.
      You are right, there: it's always better to care about what we have, than to long for other's lives....

  2. Wow! I'm pleased to hear you're ok! Thatnis certainly a trial to contend with and I must return your friendly invitation for if you ever need anyone to talk to you may certainly call on me! Take care of you and especially those lungs!

    1. Krystle,
      That was a true trial for my lungs, I can tell you that! :)
      You know, I will take you up on that offer, and if there's anything that I can give you a hand with - feel completely free to ask of me.


  3. I do! And one of them is that you're okay, it must have been such a terrifying thing. I'm most glad that you're well, and also that your house wasn't damaged.

    When I look at the state of the world, I realise I've got so much to be grateful for. I do try to share my good fortune; I've got a number of monthly automatic charity donations, and I always put things in the food bank when it's my turn to do the supermarket shop. So many people are not as lucky.

    1. Thank you, thank you...
      I was rather OK while I was managing it. And it was fine while I was getting the house back in order.. but after that initial surge of adrenaline blown over - I realized: well, it was scary.
      Then again, many people (like you've noticed) are far worse than me.. my home was just filled with smoke and I managed to get it back in order in just few days. There are folks out there that were not so lucky, and whose houses can not be saved.
      So, yeah - I'm grateful.

      Thank you fr having me in your thoughts.