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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Burda Wednesday: December 1958, part III

Hello everybody

How are you doing on this mid-week day? I hope you are fine, and that you're smiling with no worries to make your faces frown. :)

To turn a frown upside-down
let's get some fashion going on!

Lovely and colorful
...minus that overly long turtle-neck.

A lady must look fashionable even 
when snow covers the hills

This page tells us that this is a fashion choice
of a "slopes fanatics" :)

Festive attire for kids.

Not only is her face so clear and glowing,
she's  got perfect eye & brow makeup

Advice from advertisement:
make sure you get a GREAT vacuum-cleaner.

Love story..
for those who can manage German. :)

Bottom right:
for some reason - this puffy dress
looks so adorable to me :)

Get your whites - white!


You see, for a person who's English comes second as a language this word is so amazing, it really tells what it is:something to be worn under garments. And it's silly how some folks today think this is an evening-wear :)

Ha! HA!
I've managed to translate this comic:
"I thought it over" tells the kid to his sleepy parents
"..and I'd rather be a train driver"
...not something that parents should be woken-up for 

I wore these as a kid.

My! That hat!

alas, letters are too small for me to
translate this one.

Shine on!
Kid's umbrella matters.

In case you're still feeling a bit blue:
Tell yourself That Today is a Better Day, please.
The first thing that you should say to yourself the moment you wake up is that today will be great and marvelous. Know that you have control of what kind of day you will have. Telling yourself that today is going to be a great day will give you a positive attitude and a winner’s outlook. 
The power of the mind is strong so feed your mind with positive things.

Be happy!


  1. Thanks for translating one of the comics. I'm sure at least one magazine comic here in the USA had the same thing.

    Yes, the puffy dress looks cute in a drawing but we know they look odd in reality from past Burda posts.

    Yup, always look on the bright side of life. Also, I find it helps to say to myself "that this too shall pass" when I feel sad or sick or anything unpleasant.

  2. I had a grumpy day yesterday, but it passed. They always do!

    Is the blue 'Christmas present' jacket a bedjacket? I keep thinking I really need one of those for loafing around the house in.