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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Burda Wednesday: December 1958, part II

Hello everybody.

There was a swan, that got hurt - and we took him to the shelter, where he will surely get the best help he needs. One good deed done today. One post horribly late today.

Without further ado, here's 
what's new in December 1958:

Fashion doesn't apply only to the young ones

I say YES to the checkered ensemble. :)

..and yet another one:
checkered, stylish day-wear.

OK - now we're talking "posh"
(just make sure your fur is NOT real, please)

Oh, stand still, my heart!
These patterns are amazing
pity this page is not in color.

No real waist here, 
but the coat's cut is still amazing.. and fun.

Skiing, anyone?
Here's how to look:

Dirndl, shortest explanation:
 a type of traditional dress worn in Germany.

This just came to me:
"sweep your worries away!"
oh.. sound catchy. :)

Introducing:  shapes and cuts!

I'd go for the belted one...
I don't think that a bell-shaped dress suits me.

Are you a RED or are you a BLUE? :)

Again: to all those of you out there who prefer their Burda to come earlier in the day, I am so sorry, truth to be told: saving an animal's life comes before fashion, in my life. :)
Have a great day!


  1. How did you discover a hurt swan? How wonderful that you were around to save it.

    I really like that Burda had normal, grandmotherly ladies to model for the clothing. Nowadays if a magazine bothered with clothing for that age group, the models would still look like models, very tall and slim and too glamorous to relate to.

    I love, love, love the style of the red dress but I'd prefer it in the blue color. Gorgeous shade of red though.

    I really like the blue print dress that's on the page with bell-shaped dress. I'd wear that now.

    1. Dawn,
      I won't bore you with the whole story, but the thing is I AM that person people call when a protected animal gets hurt. :)
      Your eyes have spotted one of the great features in these magazines: people in the pictures have an actual AGE, and there's no shame in printing a magazine with an elderly person smiling from it's pages. :)


  2. You'd look great in those check dresses. That first ensemble is a real winner.

    I hope the swan is okay. I'm always a litte nervous of them as they can be quite aggressive, so it's very brave of you to approach one that was injured and possibly even more grumpy than usual!

    1. Hey Mim,
      I like checkered pattern, it's giving an outfit more structure.
      Comes catching large birds - that part I don't do. We have out "field agents", and the guise are doing all the "grab & pack" things. However, THIS bird in particular was so calm, we did not need to pack him; he just SAT in the back.


  3. Love the dirndl inspired two-piece ensemble. Just about anything dirdnl/tracht related sets my heart aflutter (no doubt influenced at least in part by the abundance of German ancestry that I have on both sides of my family tree).

    I hope that you're doing well and having a great weekend, my sweet friend.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Somohow I knew it... :)
      ..that you'd be the one to emhasise the dirndl skirts, and the entire ethnic fashion - since I know how much you like the theme, and how close it is to your heart. I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

      My weekend is great, and I hope yours is, too. :)