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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Love Story: Romance of the Ring

Hello everyone

Today is the third day of Sausage Fair in one of the towns in our municipality. It's, pretty much, all that the advertisement is promising: crowded, loaded with meat (and candy) stands, baking, boiling, cracking everywhere - and the air that is filled with meat-infused smoke.

Also, the 2032 meters (that is 1,26 miles!)
of a single sausage coil;
for the 32 years of the Fair's life among us
...and it takes just ONE HOUR to sell it all.

As a municipal do-it-all, I was called to assist with the guests in the Main Hall, where all of the official guest gathered and dined. I was quite busy, making sure that no one felt left out, that no table is left unseen by the waiters, that every frown gets wiped away.. and as for the "great time" - we had the tamburica and the other instruments for that.

I will not be working today.
Today, we enjoy.. and we start with a Love Story:

This time, Linda GOT what she deserved,
than "woken up" and surely fought to correct everything
So, I say: YES to this happy ending. :)

As for our happy day, let's all enjoy Sunday's offer of peace and rest.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Cheer yourself up with a yellow kitchen

Hello there!

Why do new things smell so good?
From new cars to new clothes, even new books, the smell of new things tends to be a pleasant experience. But why?
I remember what joy it was to get a NEW book, crack it open and inhale that (sweet?) smell of printing press. than, I remember as the wrap goes off the new sofa, and that factory-freshness finds it's way to my nose.. pure joy. Not only because it's a "new item", there's more than that - it's the notion of memory, and the fact that I'll forever be reminded of that moment, whenever I get close to that "new" smell.
When you smell things you remember your emotions … it’s very, very true.

Here's something new; 
a new and colorful kitchen!

Yellow just might be the most cheerful color there is 
which is just one of the reasons I think it's perfect for the kitchen 

Yellow is the energy in color. 
It tricks the mind into seeing sunshine instead of shadows, 
and feeling vitality over fatigue

What ever you chose: to smell something wonderful, or to bathe yourself in color of the Sun, I hope you'll have a great day!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Burda Wednesday: December 1958, part III

Hello everybody

How are you doing on this mid-week day? I hope you are fine, and that you're smiling with no worries to make your faces frown. :)

To turn a frown upside-down
let's get some fashion going on!

Lovely and colorful
...minus that overly long turtle-neck.

A lady must look fashionable even 
when snow covers the hills

This page tells us that this is a fashion choice
of a "slopes fanatics" :)

Festive attire for kids.

Not only is her face so clear and glowing,
she's  got perfect eye & brow makeup

Advice from advertisement:
make sure you get a GREAT vacuum-cleaner.

Love story..
for those who can manage German. :)

Bottom right:
for some reason - this puffy dress
looks so adorable to me :)

Get your whites - white!


You see, for a person who's English comes second as a language this word is so amazing, it really tells what it is:something to be worn under garments. And it's silly how some folks today think this is an evening-wear :)

Ha! HA!
I've managed to translate this comic:
"I thought it over" tells the kid to his sleepy parents
"..and I'd rather be a train driver"
...not something that parents should be woken-up for 

I wore these as a kid.

My! That hat!

alas, letters are too small for me to
translate this one.

Shine on!
Kid's umbrella matters.

In case you're still feeling a bit blue:
Tell yourself That Today is a Better Day, please.
The first thing that you should say to yourself the moment you wake up is that today will be great and marvelous. Know that you have control of what kind of day you will have. Telling yourself that today is going to be a great day will give you a positive attitude and a winner’s outlook. 
The power of the mind is strong so feed your mind with positive things.

Be happy!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Love Story: Heart of Stone

Hello everybody.

I always write about weather on Sunday and about walking, nature and the town I live in; but you're not able to see those sights that fill me heart with joy. Well, this is it:

This is my town
1. just behind this boat is swan's nest
2. the peace on the riverbank - and the sound of wind passing through dry, golden, bulrush
3. sky as big as it can be
4. the sea - of grass
5. the towers in the back are the 2 churches - Catholic (one tower) and Orthodox (two towers)
and 6. my home :)

It's rustic, rural, peaceful and slow-paced placed under the Great Sky. This is where I was born, raised and this is the place of my serenity.

I got a bit overwhelmed here.., let's head our into Romance World:

Darling!  :)

Just in case you haven't realized it yet: you are more than welcome to come, and see the glory of calmness that this place has - and what better time than a week from now: we're having our annual Sausage Fest (I wrote about it HERE)
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Telling someone's personality by their clothes.

Hello everybody

Here's an interesting theme for a conversation: can we NOT "judge the book by it's covers"?!, or to make this more clear: how important is our overall image in the world's eyes?
Few posts back, I gave you texts about proper posture, personal hygiene and hair & makeup - all that now we consider an essential part of our daily preparations.

Hopefully, it's:
modest, not offensive, elementary,
with just a hint of personality. :)

Back in 1961, editors of "Australian women weekly" decided to print an article regarding the way we look; and play around with the old saying "clothes make a man".. in our case: a woman.

Have you ever had that feeling of "need to wear" some clothes?
For instance: I'm one of those prep-before-bed kind of folks, and I like to prepare my clothes (check for damages, press if needed) in the evening. However, some mornings I simply can not put on what I chose the evening before. Something's pulling me toward some other choice, and changes in outfit have to be made.

This text is exactly on those "feelings"
we all get:

We are often told not to "judge the book by it's covers", however, nowadays, it is the cover that makes all the difference. Although I don't really fall into any of these categories, I still find this article amusing - it shows the wast importance clothing had on our lives back then.
We can't ignore the presence of a rag-doll on a social gathering, can we? No matter how we try, we also can't "not see" that odd-looking posh lady strolling around Farmer's market, dressed more like a media personality, and less like someone who came to buy bunch of apples, right?
We get to chose how we want to world to see us!
People are superficial. We tend to be done making our initial opinion of someone before we’ve actually spoken to them. That means that your clothing is going to have a direct effect on people’s default assumptions of you — the better you’re dressed, the more respect and attention they’re going to automatically give you.
Appearances matter in real and fundamental ways that affect our daily life – from how we are greeted when meeting others for the first time to whether or not we’ll be harassed while traveling.
What say you?
Have you ever stopped while picking wardrobe and thought "what am I telling the world by wearing this?"
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Burda Wednesday: December 1958, part II

Hello everybody.

There was a swan, that got hurt - and we took him to the shelter, where he will surely get the best help he needs. One good deed done today. One post horribly late today.

Without further ado, here's 
what's new in December 1958:

Fashion doesn't apply only to the young ones

I say YES to the checkered ensemble. :)

..and yet another one:
checkered, stylish day-wear.

OK - now we're talking "posh"
(just make sure your fur is NOT real, please)

Oh, stand still, my heart!
These patterns are amazing
pity this page is not in color.

No real waist here, 
but the coat's cut is still amazing.. and fun.

Skiing, anyone?
Here's how to look:

Dirndl, shortest explanation:
 a type of traditional dress worn in Germany.

This just came to me:
"sweep your worries away!"
oh.. sound catchy. :)

Introducing:  shapes and cuts!

I'd go for the belted one...
I don't think that a bell-shaped dress suits me.

Are you a RED or are you a BLUE? :)

Again: to all those of you out there who prefer their Burda to come earlier in the day, I am so sorry, truth to be told: saving an animal's life comes before fashion, in my life. :)
Have a great day!