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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Love Story: Dance of romance

Hello everybody

Happy chilly-Sunday!
As I was loading up images for this blog of mine, I came to think about a question I've been asked about some time ago: the question of what is this blog about? It has fashion, but it not about fashion. It features magazines, and articles - it even has recipes. 
Best was to describe it is as an "eclectic place" - or, better say: my digital scrapbook. 
Some posts, therefore, might come striking out of the blue, some might pile-up until almost bore you; but bare with me - after all, this is my little place, where I gather up all that I find dear. a Love Story. Why not?

My, my.. I need to say this:
don't mess with ballerinas,
you'll get kicked out of the moving train! :)



  1. Good story. I'm not sure I like Mark. He was incredibly non-understanding and hot-headed about Cora's totally understandable reaction to seeing her fiance in the arms of another woman. I mean who wouldn't be upset and angry to see his/her beloved kissing another?

    1. Yes, Dawn.
      I agree with you on this one- sometimes men here don't really look like they deserve the gal at the end.