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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Burda Wednesday: November 1958, part II

Hello everybody.

Cake, anyone?
It's our family's Patron Saint day, as we call it here "slava".
My small family came together for lunch and cakes (naturally: over here we make MUCH more than we can possibly eat - and share it tomorrow at work). At my home, it's regarded in a small scale, since there's just the four of us gathering - but, there are folks who get the handful of work for this day, and end up having over forty guests in their home (imagine the cleaning afterwards!), that's why this post comes later than usual?
Yes - and here it is:

Sorry for the lack of comments  - I'm in a bit of a post-feasting zone-out.. but I do hope you've enjoyed these (I just not sure about this blue one at the end...)
Have a great mid-week.


  1. I would wear the 'junger stil' blue dress. That one at the end is a bit odd, isn't it? It looks like a prom dress that wants to be a puffball when it grows up!

    I didn't know Orthodox people had family saints. My husband's family is Roman Catholic, and they all have personal saints, though I'm not sure how that works. I think they choose one who means something to them at confirmation. When a couple marries, do they both keep their own family saint and celebrate twice a year, or does one person take the other's family saint along with the surname?

    1. Yeah.. we have Saints, too.
      Unlike Catholics, ours are the "inherited" ones. You've git it right there: once a girl marries, she accepts the Patron Saint of her husband's family.. so, you may keep your last name, but you don't get to keep your saint (but, for most gals, they like to acknowledge the "maiden Saint" by making some simple cake).


  2. What pretty dresses in this one! I like that last blue one. Although it would be prettier without the bows on the skirt.

    I like the tradition of a family saint. I'm Roman Catholic and we pick a saint and take his/her name when we make our Confirmation. Unfortunately I was rather shallow at the time and picked one that I thought went well with the rest of my names rather than one that had a special meaning to me.

    Now if I were to be making my Confirmation I think I would pick Saint Therese the Little Flower. I said a novena to her recently and part of it includes a part that says "O little Therese of the Child Jesus, please pick for me a rose from the Heavenly gardens and send it to me as a message of love". A day or so after I had finished the novena, I was going through a small box with vintage rosary beads, scapulars, prayer cards, and religious pamphlets. Inside was a card covered with an illustration of roses all over the front. I had never seen this before in my life. I had read every pamphlet in the box so it wasn't like it had been tucked in between the pages of one. So I consider this little card as my rose from Heaven.