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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Love Story: My errant heart

Hello everybody

There's a saying we all have heard over and over (I'm sure), it states that it might take kissing a whole lot of frogs before you meet a prince.

This story's got that theme:

"Gary, sweet!"
"Margot, dearest!"
...come on.. tell me this does not warm you up? :)

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cat-craze is an age old thing!

Happy Saturday everybody.

I just took my shopping-bag for a walk.. :) ..and got my hat covered with just the slightest hint of fluffy snow; not even powerful enough to be seen by bare eye as is flies down from skies and melts right at the touch of pavement.
On my way from shop to shop I saw two creatures playing around a pond: those were two kittens and I believe this was their first encounter with snow. They made me smile, with their curious nature, and the paws that want to touch the thing flying around them.. but, as it just happen to be something wet, they'd quickly shake it off their paws. 
Cats being cats, they tried this again.. and another shaking-of-the-paws followed.

We love cats. (that is an understatement: we nearly worship them, and to prove my statement, just try to sum up all the cats online.. they rule the World Wide Web).
That got me thinking about something: many folks believe that kitty-obsession is a thing of the modern age. And to prove you how age-old it is; I have dug up an article that tells the tale of one lady and two cats.. in Hollywood.

Take a look, it's not long:

This was published back in 1932; and we can see right here - when it comes to cats, they have a strong and lasting Star Personalities.. and therefore must be recognized as such.

I hope you had a giggle.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Burda Wednesday: September 1958, part I

Hello everybody

Good and chilly morning, luckily without rain today (at least that's what the folks from weather forecasting team told us on TV last night) :)

New mode!
Blazers have definitely lost their waists and 
no longer follow the shape of the body,
they now ARE the shape.

With this "tosca" advertisement,
we can see how faces start to change, too
spot the shorter brows..

this small image in the color-less page
IT the tell.tale of the shapes for future of fashion!

Great face.

I guess we'll never stop searching 
for a way to get the perfect white
in our underwear

Say "yes" to this blue dress. :)

Collars lost the sharp edges, 
and we get bows to tight them up around. 

Actual models:
"lines are free"
(we call it "loss of shape")

Sleeves are now shorter:
3/4 or even 7/8 length.; 
skirts are straight, under knee

Take a look at the accessorizes:
everything has got a sew-over decoration
needle point was a way to decorate.

"For the fashion of soft lines..."

"...the appropriate material"

These office-savvy ensembles are designed for 
the full-busted ladies

..oh, how I envy thy some days... :)

As for these clever and practical models:
they are made elegant
by simple adding some details.

We'll stop here, with this art-work
of needle-knowledge.

Speaking of clothes.
Here's something interesting:
Few days back, Mim from Crinoline Robot blog has discussed about her outfits, and how much of the actual daily-wear do we show around web (you can read about it HERE). Some things we wear never get shown, and some things get worn JUST to be shown.. so that made me thinking (yet again) about dressing up for show VS just wearing clothes.
As you have noticed; since I braved-up and started sharing photos of myself, I wear my vintage and/or used clothes every day, to the office, in the house.. and I consider it "my clothes". That is what my wardrobe consists of; as minimal as it may be - every item hangs in the wardrobe and gets frequently used. I do not own (nor I can afford to) any "show-off" clothes. Even if I did, my life runs in a way that does not allow me to dress up for a photo-shoot.
By no means does this suppose to tell you that I do not enjoy ladies wonderful gowns, and suits.. and poses they make, and the time & effort they give into every single outfit posts.. they make my day, they inspire me.. and I'd change nothing. :)


As for me, 
I have a "new" old dress:

After consulting other fellow vintage clothes gals
I have realized it's called
"an apron style dress"

I have found this dress while picking through a sack of freshly brought used clothes in our local shop; it's one of those "everything you pick-out is 10 cents each"... whatever you find: from socks, over skirts, pajamas, up to shawls and even belts. 
Have you ever picked-out from a sack?
If you have: anything fun you've found?

Have a great mid-week.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Love Story: Tempest in the Timber

Hello everybody

It's a good Sunday (every Sunday is a good one), first cup of coffee is filling the kitchen with it's potent aroma, pending rain outside makes the windows misty (hopefully it will linger a few hours more, so that I can have a walk) - it's that day in my week that I can slow down, take time to enjoy every sip, every bite, every moment.. no rush.

So, it is Sunday when I can fully wind-down, and the best start for that is: having breakfast and read a love story. Many literary critics will raise their index fingers and make a "no-no" sigh my way, telling me I'm spreading low-quality literature.. 

I say: who not?

In romance comics, domestic stability was made obviously preferable to passion and thrills. Women who sought excitement and danger were depicted as suffering many disappointments before settling down (finally) to quiet home lives. In most stories featured here, the heroine learns that the man she is infatuated with is a "rat". She degrades herself to be with him, but comes to her senses and eventually marries an unexciting man who provides her with stability.

Hip-hip.. hooray
for happy endings!

In this day and age, where there's so much confusion about life's values, in the times when we seem to no longer have an idea how to find a setting stone in our life - I say: these heart-warming stories might be a useful inspiration. 
As for me: I'd always vote YES to a statement: "love means faith in the face of any evidence, no matter how overwhelming" and deserves a happy ending.


Friday, 20 November 2015

Is the "bob" banished?!

Hello everybody

As I was roaming up and down the Hollywood (magazines! not, the streets of the Star City itself); I have came across an interesting article, that might amuse some of you - who have, like myself, decided to "bob their hair" :)

The eternal questions that every woman asks herself is: "what to wear" and "is my hair OK"? That does not (I repeat: does not) makes us packed with vanity; it's the matter of feeling good about ourselves and empowering ourselves to brave out this world we now live in..

So.. there's the dilemma.... let's see the resolution.

So many magazine's pages are always filled with the "latest" hairstyles, the "trendy" hues, the "tips and tricks" to look like someone else.. so what happens when you chose not to follow the "rules"? 

*cough, cough*
You crop your hair into a bob and call it a day. :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

BURDA Wednesday: August 1958, part III

Hello everyone

I greet you from a somewhat foggy town that has all it's leaves off the trees, forming the most colorful outdoor carpet.. a joy to walk over.
As much as I like autumn's color pallet, I'm taking you back to summer, if you don't mind.  :)

Adorable hairstyles for little girls.

Hear! Hear!
This is what was "shop-ready" in August!

Never again miss a wonderful joy of boat-riding
be prepared.. gosh, I suppose
you need to know a boat-person first?  :)

Exclusive model has an interesting shape this time.
it drapes from your shoulders and therefore
is not built for a lot of gals..
(on the other hand, the white dress is everyone's delight)

OK, these are sheer fashion statements.

Define an area of your home 
with an accent item.

"With spoty feeling"

Frying days ahead!
Here are some ideas, my dear friends...

Some handy-dandy item for your home
..and never dare to meet the wind without Taft. :)

It's summer!
Of course you have to have something "sea themed" in your home,
even if your're not traveling to sea-shore this time..
it just makes you feel better. 

Here's a tribute to all you DIY-ers out there:
Burda is featuring "do it yourself" page,
and I think this is a great and frugal idea for a gift

Page dedicated to our vanity. :)

A page dedicated to our hygiene.

Sewing course is showing us how to
finish our sleeves in a tidy manner.

We'll say farewell to August of 1958
with these two amazing models.

I hope you have a great mid-week