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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What is the most often Resolution in the World?

Hello everyone

This is the easiest question one can ask you, right? Because, at some point of our lives, ladies.. we have all written it down "I shall lose weight". :)
By far is it the issue of modern age, my dear friends. This has been present in our lives and the lives of all those ladies before us for quite some time. And, as soon as movie magazines first got their "swing" at it.. it has never stopped.

So, here is one of "those" articles:

Don't be mistaken, this is not one of those posts where I tell you what is wrong . I do not ever tell you what is wrong,, and who am I to do so?! I have done this resolution countless times - until I chose to actually turn it into a plan for a lifetime. I made an action plan, and I have diligently kept to it; slowly it has became my second nature - and now you see me, as I am. It is not a quick-fix (this current state that I am in), it is a process, and as such thing - it does not just stop when you reach the "goal". Because, truly, the goal is: being happy and healthy for a lifetime!
My question for you today is: are you going to write the "I shall lose weight" this year, and if so, what are your honest plans about it? :)

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Nope. I do aim not to gain any more weight, because I like my clothes and want to carry on wearing them. If someone said, "I can wave this wand and you can be thin again," then yes, I'd take it, but I know that working in an office means I don't get much exercise, and if I were to try to do more exercise (which I hate) outside work I'd have to give up doing something I love. So I'll settle for being fat. But I will try to keep eating heathily and doing my morning walks, because accepting that I will not be thin doesn't mean I can't look after myself.

    My usual resolution is 'I will knit 12 things this year'. I never do!

    1. Aha!
      There ARE those resolutions that I list up, but I know that I will never be able to complete it; like: I will get this many skirts.. and then, the year brings me only dresses on my way. :) Sounds silly, but there is nothing wrong in not completing what we've written down.. just call it "work in progress".


    2. Well, it gives me a reason to keep on knitting, so it's never a wasted resolution, even if I don't knit enough.

  2. I never would've guessed you had a weight problem. You look like one of those naturally slim people who can eat anything.

    1. Oh, Dawn..
      I am a boomerang: a skinny child (one of those "she's all knees" kind), then a chubby teen.. then a skinny university student, then a large office lady.. and I'm back to beginning..