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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Love story: High voltage love

Hello everybody

A slow Sunday morning, counting days 'till holidays and thinking about the chilly weather out side that is now a true face of Winter. White and delicate nets made by frost have covered the ground, small ponds have turned into skating-spots, the air is icy and has a clean, but heavy scent to it.
I know most of you don't really care about the weather-report, but there's something calming in morning weather talks.. and I feel like we're much closer this way. :)

My breakfast is ready,
and so is your story for this week:

A thief with some conscience!
He could have easily incriminate her, but he chose to fall down alone
..that's rare, right?

This tale is one of the odd ones. It features some interesting little details. Firstly: have you spotted the sign on the theater - " spectacle 3D", sounds so modern. Then, there is an image of Vicki enjoying music, and it is quite psychedelic. And, as I stated already, the ending is showing our "bad guy" having some sense in his behavior, and acting like a honest man (as honest as a thief can be).

Enjoy today, my dear friends.


  1. She's lucky he didn't get her into trouble too.

    We've got very warm, wet weather here - not at all Christmassy. (And British people are ALWAYS ready to talk about the weather!)

    1. He, he..
      Than, if all else fails, you and I can always discuss weather. :)

    2. I owe you a letter, but have been SO BUSY. I did post you a Christmas card, so that's something! But I only sent it on Monday, I hope it reaches you in time.

  2. Yes, this one had some interesting artwork.

    I guess Mike had some tenderness towards Vicki to not incriminate her in his crime.

    1. Oh, yes.
      One of the MANY reasons why I admire these comics, is the art. They really pushed the limit, and made sure that every issue is done quite well.