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Friday, 4 December 2015

Garden Guide, WWII leaflet: December

Hello everyone!

This is the last installment in our Garden Guide series. Today, as we're stepping more and more into short and chilly days of winter, let us take a look at what some of you might do in your gardens, allotments.. 

You can see, there is a LOT you can do, despite the short days and chilly weather. Even when there is virtually nothing in your garden, there are creatures that share the space with you, and tools that might need some mending.. and there is always looking back & looking forward.
For those of you who have managed a lovely and functional garden this year, you might want to analyze how good was your year, how much crops you've made, are there any savings; or should something be changed in the future (maybe some crops failed you?!)
For those of us who could not fully immerse ourselves into gardening - this it the time for planning, drawing, scheming. ordering catalogs.. AND taking care of our indoor plants.
Another great thing about having a year's wort of leaflets: you can start over again, next year. :)



  1. I will be starting over again next year... Every year I vow that THIS year I will look after the garden properly - and that lasts until about July when everything is growing out of control!

    1. Oh, so true!
      Basically, that was my problem, too. So, now I have gone wise, and in spring (when I still got the mood for gardening), I plant only those items that are sort of self-caring: gourds, jerusalem artichokes, pumpkins... That does the trick. :)