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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Burda Wednesday: September 1958, part II

Hello everybody

Even in the busiest time of the season (when working in municipal administration, December is what we here call a "bee-hive" busy), there must be a moment to share some imaginative and historical information on fashion and lifestyle of the ladies in days gone by.

As much as most of you gals out there love seeing scarves
over here we have "an issue" with the one
looking from bottom image

Back in the day, right after WWII, women started covering their hairs, in the manner shown in the image above: tying the knot under their chin. As soon as you got married - you life with un-covered hair was done. In public, you were to cover yourself.
Even now, many years after we have finally liberated ourselves from this sort of behavior, I can see some old(er) women - mostly coming from secluded rural mountain areas, have the custom of covering their heads.
So, whenever we see a scarf on the head, tied under chin; we're feeling the chill.

The pajama that is fashionable and delicate?
Why not..

One should never underestimate going to bed
dressed nice. :)

For those of you who need
some sports-wear, but still looking classy.

Yes - it's lard. :)

"Sissy raves for KARO"

all about going checkered. :)

As for those of you who like more subtle styles,
you can go mono-tone.

..or you can combine!
(spot the thin pleats)

Everyday practical wardrobe.

Shorter sleeves, butterfly shaped,
loose wearing of the suit.

MY word.. these are some
fashionable young ladies.

To the kindergarten or to your school
never forget to be stylish.


My darlings,
the editors have decided to publish a romance tale!

Alas.. I can not read it..

Don't be sad my friends - just because we have missed out this romantic tale, we still have our Sunday dose of Love Stories. 

Have a great mid-week.


  1. I love the little girls' winter coats. Just adorable.

    On the first Sissy page, the model on the left has a cute hair-do with a little flip on one side.

    1. Absolutely true, dear Dawn.
      I have seen some beauty in this issue.. to my fortune, Burda hasn't yet gone mad. :)


  2. Looking forward to the Sunday love story.

    I always associate the scarf-tied-under-the-chin look with Queen Elizabeth II, though she doesn't seem to do it much nowadays. It was definitely one of her signature looks when I was growing up, though.

    1. Oh, yes!
      Well, at least you have a queen to be reminded of.. as for us over here, t is still a matter of oppressed women of days gone by... I say: you have it better. :)

  3. Love the plaid fashions, especially that slim cut dress. That's the sort of thing I want to live, cozily, in all winter long.

    Have a beautiful Sunday, my sweet friend.

    ♥ Jessica