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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

"What is a Star?" - an article written by a star

Hello everyone

Nowadays, it takes just one click of a button, one lucky photo to be seen by the "right crowd", and you're shifted from here to stardom. With the ever-present social media, we are able to see the speed of a Regular Joe becoming the mega-trend.. and, let me tell you: we have never, ever, had such a speed! It's a highway, my friends!
Have you ever wondered what was it like back in time?
I have managed (lucky me) to find an article written by an actual Star, of an actual era - that answered our question on what IS that she IS)  :)

The Star is lovely Virginia Valli.

Virginia had a fruitful career; not only did she act in some of the films directed by Alfred Hitchcock, not only did she played alongside some of the grand names like Alfred Hitchcock - but she was one of the rare gals who managed to "jump the gap" and switch from silent movies to "talkies".Also, what is rare for a Lady of the Hollywood, Virginia has been married only once, and it was a marriage that lasted 'till her last day among us. 

For these qualities, I believe she deserves to be "heard"


..and these are her words:

What say you?
"Individuality of expression requires study of Life, and life is a very complicated thing" she said in this essay. And I, for one, could not agree more; not only in the movie-business - but in every single path we take.


  1. Very lovely post and important reminder of a time when stardom didn't just fall from the heavens for most, it was hard fought and trickier still for many to hold onto. Thank you for sharing this gem of an article, dear Marija - if only we could drop it as a leaflet all over Hollywood! ;)

    Big hugs & happy mid-November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Well, now..
      I can't promise to drop the leaflet into every post-box in Hollywood, BUT what I can try is to gve example to local gals.. and you do, too. That's at least we can do. :)