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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Burda Wednesday: September 1958, part I

Hello everybody

Good and chilly morning, luckily without rain today (at least that's what the folks from weather forecasting team told us on TV last night) :)

New mode!
Blazers have definitely lost their waists and 
no longer follow the shape of the body,
they now ARE the shape.

With this "tosca" advertisement,
we can see how faces start to change, too
spot the shorter brows..

this small image in the color-less page
IT the tell.tale of the shapes for future of fashion!

Great face.

I guess we'll never stop searching 
for a way to get the perfect white
in our underwear

Say "yes" to this blue dress. :)

Collars lost the sharp edges, 
and we get bows to tight them up around. 

Actual models:
"lines are free"
(we call it "loss of shape")

Sleeves are now shorter:
3/4 or even 7/8 length.; 
skirts are straight, under knee

Take a look at the accessorizes:
everything has got a sew-over decoration
needle point was a way to decorate.

"For the fashion of soft lines..."

"...the appropriate material"

These office-savvy ensembles are designed for 
the full-busted ladies

..oh, how I envy thy some days... :)

As for these clever and practical models:
they are made elegant
by simple adding some details.

We'll stop here, with this art-work
of needle-knowledge.

Speaking of clothes.
Here's something interesting:
Few days back, Mim from Crinoline Robot blog has discussed about her outfits, and how much of the actual daily-wear do we show around web (you can read about it HERE). Some things we wear never get shown, and some things get worn JUST to be shown.. so that made me thinking (yet again) about dressing up for show VS just wearing clothes.
As you have noticed; since I braved-up and started sharing photos of myself, I wear my vintage and/or used clothes every day, to the office, in the house.. and I consider it "my clothes". That is what my wardrobe consists of; as minimal as it may be - every item hangs in the wardrobe and gets frequently used. I do not own (nor I can afford to) any "show-off" clothes. Even if I did, my life runs in a way that does not allow me to dress up for a photo-shoot.
By no means does this suppose to tell you that I do not enjoy ladies wonderful gowns, and suits.. and poses they make, and the time & effort they give into every single outfit posts.. they make my day, they inspire me.. and I'd change nothing. :)


As for me, 
I have a "new" old dress:

After consulting other fellow vintage clothes gals
I have realized it's called
"an apron style dress"

I have found this dress while picking through a sack of freshly brought used clothes in our local shop; it's one of those "everything you pick-out is 10 cents each"... whatever you find: from socks, over skirts, pajamas, up to shawls and even belts. 
Have you ever picked-out from a sack?
If you have: anything fun you've found?

Have a great mid-week.


  1. Cute outfit, Marija! And what a bargain, too!

    About 20 years ago I bought a black velvet jumpsuit with rhinestone buttons for 50 cents at a thrift store. Also a leather jacket for 50 cents.

    I wore the jumpsuit to my husband's company Christmas party. He very sternly told me not to tell anyone that I paid only 50 cents for my outfit. It would've embarrassed him I guess. I was so darn proud of myself for finding such a bargain that I wanted to tell the world, but I didn't tell anyone at the party.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      I'm so glad you've shared this story with me. And, I'm even MORE glad that you have not only wore the jumpsuit bought at used-clothes store, but that you were so proud and wore it to something as important as Christmas party. MY "two thumbs up" for you, dear!


  2. That's a lovely outfit - it perfectly suits your slender figure.

    I have some 'nice' outfits for special occasions, and then some appallingly scruffy things that I slob around in, and most of my other clothes fall somewhere in between. I don't wear my fanciest vintage every day, but I usually wear something secondhand most days; my favourite coats and bags are all secondhand.

    1. Oh, Mim..
      Some days I'm envious of all of you who manage to have that special occasion. I never seem to get around to having it, so I opt for the "every day is special" kind of mindset. :)
      Thank you for your kind words.