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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

BURDA Wednesday: August 1958, part III

Hello everyone

I greet you from a somewhat foggy town that has all it's leaves off the trees, forming the most colorful outdoor carpet.. a joy to walk over.
As much as I like autumn's color pallet, I'm taking you back to summer, if you don't mind.  :)

Adorable hairstyles for little girls.

Hear! Hear!
This is what was "shop-ready" in August!

Never again miss a wonderful joy of boat-riding
be prepared.. gosh, I suppose
you need to know a boat-person first?  :)

Exclusive model has an interesting shape this time.
it drapes from your shoulders and therefore
is not built for a lot of gals..
(on the other hand, the white dress is everyone's delight)

OK, these are sheer fashion statements.

Define an area of your home 
with an accent item.

"With spoty feeling"

Frying days ahead!
Here are some ideas, my dear friends...

Some handy-dandy item for your home
..and never dare to meet the wind without Taft. :)

It's summer!
Of course you have to have something "sea themed" in your home,
even if your're not traveling to sea-shore this time..
it just makes you feel better. 

Here's a tribute to all you DIY-ers out there:
Burda is featuring "do it yourself" page,
and I think this is a great and frugal idea for a gift

Page dedicated to our vanity. :)

A page dedicated to our hygiene.

Sewing course is showing us how to
finish our sleeves in a tidy manner.

We'll say farewell to August of 1958
with these two amazing models.

I hope you have a great mid-week


  1. I love that red, white, and blue snowflake rug.

    I thought some of those fashions were maternity clothes. I guess the revolt against The New Look has begun.

    1. He, He.. dear Dawn.
      Indeed, you'll be seeing more and more of those shapeless, waist-less, sack-looking dresses.. the times are chaining in our Burda Wednesday, and we will witness all off it.


  2. Ooof, those sack dresses - they'd make a slender lady like yourself look my size, and they'd make me look like I was wearing a circus tent. I wonder if they had a lot of cloth to sell that year?!

    The homewares are great, though - everything looks so clean and airy. I guess the narrow legs on the tables etc. help to create a sense of space, and make the tops look more like they're floating.