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Saturday, 10 October 2015

What is that noise now? That is the wind under the door.

Hello everybody.

It has been a long time since we enjoyed poetry together.. pardon my dreary title on this post, it's all caused by this autumn's day, the rain and the chill wind..

Today, it's the perfect time to read the "The Waste Land"
by T.S. Eliot

I keep reading this poem, at every stage of my life, and every time I read it - it's a different one. Each version of me found a verse that peaks the period I'm in, and every time I read it I get my senses overwhelmed by it's honesty. Surely, to me.. it is honest, hard, durable.. yet gray, lurking and stunningly eery.
Have you read this poem?
" people, humble people, who expect nothing.."
Did you like it? Did it frighten you? Have you tried listen to it, being read by someone? What emotions did it drew from you? 


  1. I love The Wasteland. As well as the published version, I've got a facsimile edition that shows a lot of Eliot's earlier drafts, and an AMAZING comic-book version done as a film noir. It's such a strange, deep poem.

  2. It hits one hard and churns a sea of emotions. I've read it and heard it read alike and always find that different parts of it speak to me in each stage of my life. Thank you for posting this poetic work of art. It was a pleasure to read and be moved by this excellent piece from Elliot again.

    ♥ Jessica