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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Love Story: The price of Fame

Hello everybody.

With foggy Sunday morning inviting me outside, I'm preparing this Sunday's story for your enjoyment, and then I'm off to do some chores. Yes, over here, there are chores to be done on a Sunday - especially if you get the "get this on Farmer's Market" list from your family.

Heads us:
there's some serious head-wear in this story,
so be prepared to get inspired

I don't mind the fist-in-the face part of this story, because I'm still under the influence of the amazing hats we've been shown. I suppose there's a lot to learn from these little stories.. and I do not think they should be taken lightly. For instance (not a statement on fashion!) most of the stories end with a gal changing her mind after she has gotten the proof of appreciation from a man, defending her honor; and that is a lesson conveyed to young ladies reading these magazines.. 
I say again: I don't mind the "defending of the honor" part, quite the opposite: one should always stand for what is right (on her own, or with the help of others), however, I doubt I'll simply go for someone who's fist goes into faces easily.. at least not without giving it a reasonable amount of thinking.
Have a great Sunday.


  1. I want that dress with the square neckline adored with two little bows soooo much!!! I utterly love square necklines (they're in my top three neckline styles for sure) and how they so often evoke an instant old school feel, even in newer pieces. As always, the fashions in these fun vintage comics do not disappoint. :)

    Many hugs & happy Thursday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Fashion is getting more and more amazing in these magazines.
      So, I doubt I'll stop "publishing" :)