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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Love Story: Born to kill

Hello everybody.

First of all: what a NAME for our story.. but, do not let that put you off, it's a good one, and you're going to enjoy it (a bit later than usual, I went to Farmer's Market and ended up having coffee & hearing what is new in my town).

Let us give this adventurous story a go:

I told you to give this a go,
it was good, right?

You know, not only that it's Sunday, not only that we have enjoyed our beloved love story, the thing is that I am home. Where I belong. 

I tell you:
nothing beats early autumn.

Have a great day.


  1. Jako mi je drago da sam otkrila tvoj blog, uvijek me veseli novo zanimljivo blog-štivo! I slažem se, ništa ne može nadmašiti ranu jesen!

    1. Lepo je "videti" te ovde, draga.
      Nadam se da ti je ovaj moj mali blog ulepšao dan...


  2. I'm with Dave on this one - much better to be nice to animals.

    Your town looks beautiful in the sunshine. What a lovely church!

  3. Welcome home, sweet Marija. I hope that there's still some gorgeous fall weather there for you to savour.

    ♥ Jessica