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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

BURDA Wednesday: June 1958, part III

Hello everybody

It's now that time of year, time to plan on what should be done, time to gather items for a future "make, do and mend" since winter is getting closer; and it's time to make some re-arrangements in our wardrobes -  if you live in continental climate, changing from light-wear to heavy-duty must be done.. and it's high time to get inspired by some fashionable ladies.

Let's take a breath of summer,
to preserve it for the dull and grey days:

Match with delicate capes...
Lady on the left has the perfect makeup (and great facial features)

Summer quartet
tennis was always so "posh"
(for me, it was only watched for the fashion)

Not only does this page got some great shoes, but, 
see what she's wearing?!

..yup, and APRON, my dear friends
(got to get me one of those - they look nicer than most women's dresses nowadays)
oh, and JENAer GLASS still makes their products

I have never asked: 
you guise wear a bath-robe?!

Here's a "coming soon" advertisement:
the colorful recipe book (that I would love to get my hands on)

How to make
"seats in the green"

No summer is complete without having at least some time
to devote to sitting in the sun, surrounded by plants

Delightful hairstyles

Labor saving device: a vacuum cleaner.

What's "new in Paris"?
This page tells you all about it.

I'm sure this set would brighten up ANY place

For the young ones.

Alas, that page is missing,
we can only get inspired, and creative by the images..


Lastly, my homage to this marvelous season:

Pardon my "drippy-nose" face

Glorious Autumn days in my home town, the place where I belong, are fully infused by the smell of wet leaves under our feet and of ripe corn in our back yards (oh, you should come and see the piles of yellow in the barns...)
Have a great Wednesday. Enjoy this season.


  1. I just love seeing all those old articles and adverts, thanks for sharing! I particularly like the tablecloth and cushion - I always get that 'nesting' feeling at this time of year. Your outfit is adorable xx

  2. Matching cardi/tights! WIN! I've been thinking of doing that myself this winter, having been inspired by shots from the 1960s on Pinterest. It looks great on you.

    I've made the switch to winter wear since getting back from my holiday. The weather has got very damp and cool here.

  3. Your fall hued outfit is fantastic - those tights are such a great touch!

    An interesting thought just occurred to me regarding these awesome Burda posts. We've now (well, technically two months prior to this edition) hit the point from which going forward, my mom was alive (she was born in April 1958). How cool! :)

    Big hugs & joyful October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica