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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

BURDA Wednesday: July 1958, part II

Hello everybody

Let me speed this issue up a little bit, and make sure I send it your way before the planned electricity maintenance (that will get half of town dark, cold and off the grid for some 6 hours).

Nothing's cold nor dark
in July 1958, be sure of that:

Everyday wear.
See, this is a good wear for those of us with a bit of a 

Spot the Elvis-like persona in the middle! :)

White sleeveless shirt with a bow
is a great hit.

I know a LOT of you who will love this page
since it features your favorite shape of dress.

Can "red, white and blue"
ever get our of fashion?
I hope not.

Formal, yet lay-back
with lovely stripes in pastel tones.
(look at the bow on bottom right - a marine-looking shape, with a twist!)

Yes, I'll have the red dress, please. 

This dress is a traffic-stopper.
Heck, this dress could stop time.. so amazing.

You are aware these are date dresses?  :)

Youngsters, brace yourselves,
for summer of 1958 has something
completely new for you!

For the first time in ages,
young gals are really looking different than their moms.

Kids on holiday

Adorable little gals!

Never be seen looking anything less that dazzling
Even your apron can be gorgeous.

I like this apron,
it's actually useful AND looking classy

Ending this issue with something we all love:
a moment to relax, enjoy life.. have a sip of our favorite liquid-fun
(whatever it may be!)

Back to aprons (yet again).
I have spotted than less and less women wear them (strangely: more men wear them as time goes on). There is a bit of logic explanation to it: women are, over here, in this age, scared of the clothing item that is apron, due to it's meaning. Most women I know attach wearing apron to housewives. And, it's such a strong feeling, that some of them dread ever a thought of putting one on. As it would instantly, in some magical way, strip them of all their achievements and turn them into "just a housewife" (silly, but I've heard them say it "I can never put on an apron, it makes me feel so.. so like a housewife). 
The truth is quite opposite: an apron is a utility-wear. It's made to protect your other clothing items from "getting the kitchen all over them". Apron is a wear-and-tear sort of thing. It's an armor, actually. It what you put on to protect your achievements, and there's no magic to it (well, OK - there is a bit of magic: my cooking is always better with the apron on)  :)

Have a great day


  1. I love the pink dress and the one with little flower carts.

    I love aprons! I have several and wear them all the time as I am a sloppy cook and dishwasher. I'll even wear one when eating something messy.

    1. For the love of aprons! :)
      I won't laugh at you for wearing apron at odd times, since I too do the same - one must avoid getting food on clothes, not only when cooking. :)


  2. So many fantastic blouses and skirts!!! Even after all these years of wearing vintage, I'd still say that blouses are one area where my closet does not runneth over, especially when it comes to the genuine vintage deal. I wear a lot of dresses and cardigans, so this isn't a huge deal, but sometimes it would be nice to be a sewer so that I could whip up a bunch from mid-century patterns and help pad that section of my wardrobe a bit more.

    I hope that you're doing well and having a splendid second half of October, my sweet friend. Many thanks for all of your wonderful blog comments this month.

    Huge hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jess,
      As time progresses I'm realizing that "new" is not always the "best". Quite the contrary, majority of items I have can be mended, re-made.. only due to the fact that they are old. The fresh & new garments are not created to sustain any changes.


  3. It was all going so well till that floral jumpsuit, which gets a big, fat NO from me. I'm glad that look never really caught on!

    1. Mim,
      Those were my thoughts exactly. Some fashions should not return and stay in the past (where they belong, tucked away from our sights and minds)