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Friday, 25 September 2015

There has been a lot of "first times" for me.. knowing a bit of French helps.

Hello everybody.

This way, my "card" can reach everyone!

My word, I have never thought I'd be sitting in this flat and writing this post from Brussels (sure, I planned for this trip, but it was "in planning" for so long, I almost gave up).

As the title states, these few days, there have been a lot of "first times" for me. Bare with me, I'm a small town girl with reasonably small financial liberty, and my travels usually include a car ride to the capital, a bus ride to Hungary.. never (ever) rode in.. a plane!

It was strange in way, not an unpleasant trip. The ride took some 2 hours, and it felt exactly like the bus does. Actually, I have had much more "turbulent" rides in some buses (bumps, lumps and shaking), but the only time I felt a slight discomfort was the landing - my ears felt the pull-down.
I haven't got a previously inserted fear of flying, but I do know a thing or two about getting lost, so imagine me: first time in a metro-station

Fortunately, people ARE friendly here
(knowing a bit of French helps):
I was "taught" how to handle this "device" and
how not to board to wrong train.

I haven't came here alone. However, my business-cooperate has a different schedule; she works for an associate institution and most of the time I am left on my own (those times that I'm not required to attend a conference, a lecture or a meeting).

Would you like to see what I saw so far?!
I do all my "explorations" on my own, on my two feet. I like to see, smell and taste the place I'm at, and I don't believe you need a guide. Fear of getting lost? Sure, I have it... then again: I got lost - and every time I'd find someone, I'd ask and I'd get directions.

 First stop is Atomium
not only because it's an obligatory touristic site,
but because I live near.

Not many people move deep in the park
I went all over it. Got lost, got my way back, 
and enjoyed an entire afternoon

Then, after showing you some amazing sites, let me be honest: I am, by far, more amazed by all the pretty houses. Each and every one of them - a gem. Take a look:

Painted glass, statues, green arches, art-deco façade.. 
I know it's rude to stare, but I can not restrain myself
the houses are a given!

Hopefully, tomorrow my co-worker will manage to clear out some of her time.table and we'll head out to Bruges. More pictures will surely be made.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Brussels looks like a charming city. Enjoy your stay and explorations.

    1. Actually,
      There are charming parts, and there are quite serious ones, you know?
      Once you leave the metro at station Arts Loi and head out.. you're surrounded by ALL the institutions of the EU. That is both magnificent and petrifying.


  2. Looks like your having an amazing time!

    1. O, hello Christina!
      Yeah, I managed to squeeze in some leisure time. And, I've used it well.


  3. Oh, that looks amazing - the Atomium alone is a brilliant thing to see. You make Brussels look really lovely.

    Those ticket machines are fairly common all over the place - the ones in Paris gave the option to use different languages, did the Brussels ones?

    1. Mim,
      I knew there ARE ticket-machines, but I have never ever touched one. Strange, right? I guess now I can say I'm one more step closer to being citizen of the world. :)


  4. It's really awesome that you're getting this exciting opportunity to travel! I'm thrilled for you, my sweet friend, and am so enjoying hearing and seeing more about your trip. It's great that you found your first airplane experience to be a positive one. Mine was at the age of 14 and I've flown many times since. I'm not wild about airports themselves, but flying doesn't phase me at all and I actually enjoy it a fair bit - I do wish though that the luxury airliners of the past still existed. The ads for such from the 1930s - 50s always take my breath away. It's hard to believe that we went from sleeping cabins (on some planes) to the sardine can like space allotted to passengers on most flights these days in the span of just a few decades.

    I hope that you keep having a great time in Brussels!

    ♥ Jessica