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Monday, 7 September 2015

Garden Guide, WWII leaflet: September

Hello everybody.

After two moths of struggling with constant heat-waves and drought, we have had rain. Oh, what a pour-down was it! Naturally, I was out when it poured. :)
Over here, plum season is over; and we have succeeded in making lots of jars of jam. Counting it, I think we went a little overboard and made some 20 kilograms of plum-jam alone (bare in mind: it's my dad's favorite and it DOES get eaten by the following spring). 
Now, it's fig time! I have some five fig trees in my garden, and I'm picking them up as they ripen; we freeze them until we have enough for a cooking-batch. the thing is: I'm at war with birds - they have learned about the location of my sweet figs and keep coming at night. I have to pick my fruit before they get close. 

Now.. how about the rest of the garden?
Take a look:

Took me time to figure out what a "haricot" is
Now I know: a bean.. it's a regular green bean)
Pardon me, I'm foreign. :)

the hardest thing is to store tomatoes.
One hint: we DO NOT refrigerate them

When you refrigerate tomatoes, any ripening you still want to happen will stop because of the cold, which also means you stop the development of their yummy flavors. The cold can turn the flesh dry and mealy, and a lot of juiciness is lost. Instead of refrigerating, keep tomatoes at room temperature or in a cool (but not cold!).
For a long-term keeping, you can freeze them. We chop them and bag them, toss them in freezer and take them out when we're cooking stews, goulash...

In this time of "glut", let us remember two things: the winter is coming (at least it does to majority of us, living in continental climate) and we should prepare for it.. and secondly, there just might be someone who would appreciate a jar of jam or a can of preserves, since they can not afford to make their own. Consider sharing some, if you've made a large batch.
Keep canning!


  1. Wise, caring words. It is not merely enough to keep the age old art of preserving and canning food alive, we should whenever possible, endeavour to share with those both in need and for whom such a gift may bring joy, which itself nourishes the soul as much the as the food does the belly.

    Fantastic work with all of your canning this summer, my sweet friend. You're doing amazing!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I usually turn any spare tomatoes into puree for pizza / pasta sauce. That freezes well.