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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

BURDA Wednesday: May 1958, part IV

Hello everybody

Ladies (and gents!) this edition of our beloved magazine is quite long, and I managed to stretch it to four parts. This is the last of May.. let's see what's in here:

 Do you know about "veet"?
They are still up and running
and still making our bodies hair-free :)

 These were the times when ladies wore
something called "under-dress"

 Lovely shoes

 The time for umbrella
Say: how much attention are you paying
on your umbrella?!
Are you the type to make sure your style is "hip" even 
when it's raining?

 Kids in their best outfits.
(at the bottom: "Bekunis tea" - a special tea,
my special tea.. it's still made, still sold
and still used.. I'll say no more)

 "Go to the playground"

Sadly, our mom could not dress us up all pretty. OK, she could dress my brother up, but I was not giving up my playing in the dirt for no dress.

And now:



 this is THE start of magazines featuring
makeup "how to's":
First image: for the black hair
Second: for the red-head

 ..and, if you are the Blonde,
these are your 1950s summer colors. 

 Hungry yet? :)

 You CAN buy Verpoorten Advocaate
(it's something like an egg liqueur)

 Tucked away in the side of the page 
(but not unseen by me):
the shopping bags.

 Sewing course.

 Blender - a kitchen aid.

 Zits, acne, pustules..
My life's story.

 Singer, trusty sewing machine.

Have I ever asked you: do you sew?!
(funny thing, it just hit me:; this IS a sewing magazine...)


  1. I love the blue hat the blonde is wearing in the make-up article.

    I didn't know Veet was such an old product. I think it's been available here in the USA for only a few years.

    I sew a tiny bit. Just things like simple curtains and pillow covers. I would love to sew clothing. I bought a beginner's course with a book and dvds. It starts you off with making an apron, then a skirt, and finally a simple dress. I haven't had a chance to start it as I've had house guests for the past several months and all my sewing supplies are in the guest room. But very soon I should be able to start the course.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      don't be put down by some more excessive sewing project - I've started out small, and built my way up.. on my own. It just takes some time and some patience: follow the "user manual" to the letter and I'm sure you'll be making some amazing art in no time. :)


  2. (Aargh, think I just replied with my work identity. Same name, different email address!)

  3. I love late 50s/early 60s eye shadow (and eyebrow shapes) soooo much!!! Is it OTT? Often, you bet, but it worked so well with many of the fashions of the day. On those rare occasions when I bust out the brighter eye hues, 9 times out of 10, this is the era I'm channeling.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica