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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

BURDA Wednesday: May 1958, part III

Hello everybody!

This IS a fashion-day, right? With that in mind, I have for you another one of my "make, do and mend" type of dresses (yes, yes.. Burda will come after this, not to worry). This is another one of my great finds from the used clothes shop. It needed some attention: cutting, re-touching.. it desperately needed a shape.. and a waist to accompany to overall look.


Take a look at a finished "product"

Me. At work.
Bringing the joy of '60 to the office. :)

It took some time for folks here to "cope" with me not being a regular employee; or a regular gal, at that. Every time a new person comes, the same questions arise: the "red lipstick", the "never wearing pants" and the "dresses from another age" questions. However, I have never gotten a negative remark on the way I look, since it's only somewhat strange, but in no way insulting, in-appropriate or plain rude. My style is, in essence, conservative.

And now, on with Burda:

I have mixed feelings about this red dress with a large bow at the bottom
it looks great, but I doubt it's comfort level.

"You like dancing on your holiday"
Heck, I like dancing ANY day. :)

"No matter where the young ladies are..."

"..their holiday dresses are
practical and easy"

"In the holiday" ..our dear Sissy feels rather...
By all means, they really meant "extravagant".
Some of these items push some boundaries.. but I like them.
The stripes, the prints, the sew-ons.. and the poses she makes:
the young can identify. :)

Lady in the bottom right is so lovely, peaceful
(the "choker" does not fit me.. but I still admire it)

Fathers and sons
mothers and daughters
(we could write epic tales on THAT issue)

Even kids must look dashing on a holiday

I love those "one-piece" suits for the girls
so "puffy" in the bottom.

Yes, yes.. young-lings..
BUT check that vacuum! 

"White, whiter - SUWA white"
..a way to compare your laundry. :)

A text about the holidays.


No magazine can go without 
bags and shoes.

...and, knowing that we live in continental climates,
one does not leave the house without the tiny umbrella
wrapped in the bag
(even in the hottest day of summer, I carry mine)

Every single item in this page is amazing.
the lady in the bathing suit reminds me that I need days off :)

Remember the times before the "devices" took over?

Back in time, when we were kids, I remember carrying a little bucket made out of colorful plastic, the sieve, and lots of "moulds" for playing in the sand. I had turtle mould, star mould.. and they gave me hours of fun (if all else failed, you could always make castles OR bury your mom's legs in the sand). Grownup, on the other hand played cards (I believe the "currency" were match-sticks). Also, just like in the image above, there was always a radio near by.

After we've these "sunny" memories, I hope you got a bit of shine to your faces, and have the rest of this day in a splendid mood.


  1. You look lovely.

    I love all the full-skirted dresses in this issue of Burda.

  2. We are getting sunshine today! I am looking forward to it.

    There are advantages to being known as someone who appreciates vintage things - often I get given things by people who no longer want them, but still want them to go to a good home. It's how I got most of my vintage knitting magazines. Maybe you'll get lucky and more dresses will come your way.

  3. Soooo much to love here!!! Entirely including that fabulous blue and green leave necklace (want! :)). Burda Wednesdays are the best! :)

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica