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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Bruxelles awaits!

Hello everyone.

The title gives me out: I am traveling to Belgium on Monday. It's a business trip, but I think time will allow me to move a bit around, and be the "regular tourist" for a while.

This was taken yesterday after my trip to the Insurance Office.
The main thing when traveling is: "SAFETY FIRST"

Nowadays, Bruxelles is most knows as the Capital City of EU: all the "big buildings" are in there, and some of the most important people of this world (politically and economically spoken) gather here to make some hard decisions. 

THIS is where I will be standing
in a few days.

But, back in 1958, Bruxelles was the center of the worlds: it featured World Fair, called the "EXPO 58". The site is best known for the Atomium, a giant model of a unit cell of an iron crystal (each sphere representing an atom). More than 41 million visitors visited the site.

Here's a little story about it
(it's an original publishing from 1958)

Hopefully, on the earliest hours of Monday, I'll be flying in an airplane (oh, my.. that would be a first time for me) and I will make sure to show you at least a fragment of what's it like over there.
For now, let's enjoy weekend.


  1. Enjoy your trip! I wonder if any of the Expo structures remain. The big metal globe sculpture from the 1964 New York City World's Fair still exists, hopefully the Atomium is still there.

  2. How fabulously exciting!!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again here: I "envy", so to speak, how many countries call Europe home and how relatively easy it is to travel from one to another. I adore the vastness of Canada, but sometimes it can feel lonely to have your country only touch one another and to be thousands upon thousands of miles away from any others. On the off chance I ever live in Europe again, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to travel up a storm! :)

    Tons of hugs & happy journey wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. First and foremost: the read hair looks amazing on you. It makes you look glowing! Second: have fun in Brussel! It's a beautiful city.

  4. It's MONDAY!!! Have a BRILLIANT TIME :)