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Monday, 10 August 2015

Six old-school solutions for your cleaning storage

Hello there

We,, there's no secret here, since the title tells it all. Indeed, today I'm posting about storage your (and mine) cleaning items. This post came to be as a breeze.. I was reading old issues of "Ladies' home journal" and looking for some ideas - and there it was.
A fun way to use your DIY hands and create simple solutions for an age old problem (I don't know about you, but I had a storage problems all the time - so any handy idea is getting tested).

Take a look:

Again, we're proving that history is a great thing. Learning of how things were (not necessarily the boring detail about the rule of a czar or the Roman villages..) can help us better fit our future. Like here, I get to know how women dealt with their cleaning supplies and found out that not much have changed. Come on, we are now, more then ever, promoting the "utilizing of nooks and crannies", just like the ladies back in the day did.
Bottom line is: we like our homes organized, clean and neat. For ages, that hasn't changed. Because: a clean home is a happy home.
How do you store your supplies?
(and where do you place your kitchen garbage-bin?)

Have a wonderful week.


  1. I like the idea of the shopping cart to use to tote your cleaning gear.

    My things like the broom and vacuum cleaner are in the kitchen closet and I have my cleaning potions and rags in a plastic caddy. I keep my ostrich feather dusters in a vase. I've had people think it was a decoration. :-)

    My garbage bin is on a slide-out platform under the kitchen sink.

    1. Dawn,
      You are right about the keeping the bin under the sink. As a matter of fact, so many people has told me to get the small bin (empty in often) and keep it there - so I've done just that. :)
      Dusting feather?
      Oh, my.. that really is decorative, and no wonder most folks can see it like that - and it makes you look so "posh" and house-proud. :)


  2. I love the illustrations! Very helpful ideas!

    1. Thank you Christina.
      Some of them might be very useful.


  3. I'm afraid my cleaning and household stuff all gets piled up untidily in the cupboard under the sink, though I do have special plastic boxes for things like lightbulbs and matches.

    The kitchen bin is out on the kitchen floor - it has a lid. Our kitchen is extremely small and there's nowhere else for it to go.

    1. Mim, dear..
      There is nothing wrong about "piling up" system. We all decide on how we like out items to be placed. I know a gal who has a "piling system" (opposite of anything you're ever seen) and she keeps everything in piles. Now, to someone like me.. I have no idea how she manages, but she.. she knows EXACTLY where every single item is. Hence the word "system". :)
      Since I've bought the house (and not built one from ground point) there was not much room for shifting and making things different (OK, there was, but gosh.. that would be ever so expensive, and would require some massive paperwork, permissions, building consultations, paying the planners and getting permits). So, the kitchen is huge - but I've visually divided it in various spaces.
      Still - bin is under the sink Who am I to contradict so many folks who gave that idea a thumbs up. :)


  4. Delightful post! We have a very, very small open top kitchen wastebasket and I simply keep it under the sink, taking the back out every day or two at most.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica