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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Love Story:Coded Triangle

Hello there!

Before we get to our weekly Love Story, let me brag a little (sure, I know you all know by now that I am a house owner as of June), here's a little something I came across the other day:

This is a used TV shelf
ready for my living room

I don't shy away from used items. Because, every once in a while, it is not only a great place to get a great dress for a ridiculously low price.. some days, we are fortunate to find something magnificent, grand and utterly useful - like this shelf. Made-to-measure out of great quality wood, in a perfect condition for a unreasonably low price... I say: YES to something like this. 
It has found a new home, and as soon as the setting is right - it will move in and host my TV, my magazine collection (yes, yes.. my collection of late '70 and early '80 Burda magazines!) and my cosmetics.

Showing a belly? Indeed, there we have it! The times are changing!

What are you thoughts on these "brave new times" that are being introduces through these magazine pages?
And what say you of my new TV shelf?


  1. Your new tv shelf is a good find. You'll get lots of use out of it and it's simple enough to go with any other furniture you have.

    That Sari was a sly one, transmitting info by her photos. It would be funny if someone knew Morse Code and were able to actually find a message in the dots and dashes.

  2. Your TV shelf looks great! There's nothing wrong with used items - we've got plenty around our home. Setting up a home is expensive, so it can be a great moneysaver, as well as a good way to get unique things.