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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Love Story: Under false pretences

Hello everyone

Today, we are about to venture into the land of telling lies. Fortunately, they are happening only in a story (and should always remain only in fiction)

Take a look:

..and from here start the "little" lies..

Sometimes, a small lie like this one can cause a lot of, ehmm, fun. This, of course, is only meant to entertain the readers - and most definitively NOT to be used as a guide (you know, there's another kind of stories: the ones about identity theft.. oh, but that's too scary for a Sunday).


On this Sunday, I would like to share another little fragment of my life with you. You ALL know quite well by now that I'm slowly moving toward finishing up my home. Some of it is still a work in progress, but the progress is evident. I've started with a dilapidated old place that I've managed to get for myself last autumn, and now I'm at furnishing...
What you are about to see is my living room. For most of you it might seem like a tiny space (only 4 meters by 2.8 meters), but for my needs and my minimalist & fugal lifestyle it's enough.

Please, take a look:

On the left:
 wall-to-wall sofa (this one I ordered, it's new and YES, it's beige), 
a coffee table (found in the used shop)
 and a tapestry (mom got that some 35 years ago and never found the place for it)
on the right:
 a corner shelf (same used items shop as the table and the TV stand from before)
holding an old 1970s Siemens phone (had it in the attic) 
I'll add a lemon tree as soon as it's time for it to move in. :)

No shelves? No. Shelves tend to attract little "nitty-dotty-rural-revival-bitty-botty" items - you know, all the sea-shells from that sea trip back in 1995, the stained yet beloved embroidered coaster, the chipped figurine and the rest of paraphernalia.. what I call "dust gathering items" :) Shelves tend to attract book that are never read, empty perfume bottles, stacks of jewelry cases.. Shelves become something we don't dare to look at, because we can't deal with sorting them out.
No. No shelves here. :)
What say you?
Do you have a place that needs a bit of attention?
Have you done some de-cluttering?
What is the favorite item in your living room?
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Beige is a good color for a sofa. It makes it easy to change your color scheme by changing out small things like little pillows.

    Do you have a move-in date yet?

    1. Dear Dawn,

      I have MOVED IN.
      And: thank you for liking "beige". When I was planning, most of the folks I talked to were afraid it would turn into "beige hell"


  2. How fantastic that you are furnishing your place now. Looks so homely, I can imagine you there quite happily. I would love to see more pictures as you finish other rooms.

    1. My dear..
      I'll do my best to share some snaps soon.


  3. Fantastic job on setting up your living room. I've been doing a lot of (minor level) redecorating and organizing this summer and am happier with the main floor of our house than I've ever been. For me, conversely, it was actually finally filling some of our living room shelves with cherished family photos and beautiful little decorative pieces that helped make me feel so joyful there. I'm very selective in what I put out though and have currated a collection that is classy and beautiful, IMO, not cluttered and forlorn (or worst, dust covered!).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      Thank you for your lovely comment.