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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Love Story: I danced with heartbreak

Hello everybody.

Today is yet another day in our heat-wave season, and right now, I'm at that stage of despair (alas, I am not one of those heat-loving folks, I'm not even capable of baring the look at thermometer when it's showing anything above 25°C), and I know that this is childish - but: can any of you out there send some rain? :)

I'll moan later..
..let's first get to ion with our Love Story:

I do think this is the most glamorous issue of my Love Stories, yet. We have seen a lot of suits and dresses over the past two years on this Sunday's posts.. but I dare say: nothing as gown-esque as this one today.


There's another little page
for the younger population 
(and a potential teenage readers of this blog)

I told you - they've featured a "fashion spread" in this one. :)

Moaning time! :)

Seriously, let me explain the situation: there is no grass, flowers are falling from the stems before ever opening up, the maize crop is in danger of "burning out" and in the risk of failed crop. We need rain. And we need sleep (oh, how I envy those who can sleep in this weather, when there's not even a hint of fresh breeze).
It's morning and by the look of it, we are having another one of "those" days... so, I'll try to rush out, do what I can outdoors; and as soon as the "star" (aka "The Sun") sends it's beams our way - I'll hide away.. do some house chores. 
Fortunately, when you're trying to push the moving-in date a little sooner, there's always things to be done: painting the window sills, putting a glossy finish on a floor.. and deciding on one very important thing: the wall & ceiling color of my kitchen.

Here it is
(some might already seen it on my Instragam)

My dear friends, meet my kitchen
(don't judge me harshly, it's a work in progress, and that hole
are yet to be fitted with an aspirator)

The big question stands before us all: WHAT COLOR to paint the walls & ceilings???
Any ideas?


  1. Oh, I do hope you get some rain soon! It must be horrible when everything's all drying up and dying.

    Retro Renovation has some great kitchen ideas ( They've given me some ideas for my one, which has yellow cabinets.

    1. Mim,
      We've got the rain. :)
      I took a look at that kitchen, looks magnificent. Yellow is such a great color for kitchen.


  2. Oh, yes, Retro Renovation is great!

    I love kitchens from the 1950s. My grandmother had one of those big double-bowl sinks with drainboards on each side like many of your pictures show. I have a tiny kitchen so all I have is a one-bowl sink.

    When I moved into my house 30 years ago, it had a 1953 electric range loaded with chrome. I loved it and was very sad when it died several years later.

    My kitchen also had the original sink, cabinets, and formica counters with gold flecks and a white background. And it had this awful yellow and black metal tiling half-way up the walls. I might've kept the tiles if they were in a different color combination as the black and yellow reminded me of bees.

    We redid the kitchen a couple of years ago and now I have a gas range, new cabinets, new one-bowl stainless steel sink, and marble countertops. I was happy to have formica again but my husband wanted preferred granite but not the price andthen we found a really good deal on the granite that wasn't much more than getting the formica.

    I think a coral or soft terracotta color would look nice with the tan tiles on the lower part of the walls and the yellow cabinet doors. Or how about a pale aqua? I guess I'm boring as far as ceilings go as just white is all everyone has that I know.

    Your range reminds me of the one that was in the house I grew up in. Ours was from the 1930s, gas, but about the same size as your range and it also had a lid.

    Are you planning on putting some shelves up? They would look cute and give you more storage.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      My mom has (in the house I'm currently living, until the move) the double-bowl sink. It's a great thing for a large family that has got no dishwasher. At one time in our lives, ours was the home of six, and a large sink was the labor saving item. Formica, as a choice, is a good one. Sturdy, versatile and easy to maintain.
      As for my kitchen: I will not install any shelving whatsoever. Due to having such a low ceiling, it would make the kitchen cramped up. Also (don't judge me), but I tend to stay away from greens and blues. I love green: on sweaters, as jewelry, in my plate or in my garden.. but the fact is that when I first got the house all walls were green, all of them (inside and out). Ouch. :) Blue? There's a story behind "blue", but I will not share it yet.. I'll just say: I doubt I'll EVER own any single item in color blue.
      The ranges like this one are a norm in our country.
      You can get all gas, or all electric - but I prefer a combo, makes sense since the prices of energy tend to bounce. :)


    2. That's interesting about your stove being both gas and electric. I don't think I've heard of that before. Very practical.

      Oh dear, it sounds like something traumatic happened concerning the color blue.

  3. I thoroughly love the brooch on her dress!!! I have one genuine c. early 40s frock that came with one, but I rarely remember to pin others in the same spot on other garments. As we head into the "mid-season" days it's a perfect way to dress up a look before they get buried under our winter coats again. Thank you for the reminder via this fun comic.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Absolutely no problem. :)
      I love these magazines, they are such an inspiration.