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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

BURDA Wednesday: April 1958, part III

Hello everybody

Wednesday greetings!
Good news: we have had rain. The air has cleared out, the nights are cool and the sleep is again possible. Plants are being revived, and you know.. it is second part of August - and I could smell the earliest hints of autumn in the air last night.

I needed sleep to get my energy level up and regulate my well-being. I am fine now. Sleep is essential and we all need it just like dieters need their morning smoothies, just like politicians need their daily newspapers (yes, they do!), just like we need our weekly fashion inspiration. They are all the pillars of our lives. :)


So, here is the fashion-pillar:

This kid reading Burda?
Pretty much, that is what I looked like many years ago
(same hairstyle, same way of sitting and
same reading material) :)

Starmix still exists.
But I don't think they make blenders.

The title states "Beautiful jobs"
(meaning: work areas)

"Sidolin" is an approved window cleaner,
still produced by Henkel Group

"Simply no trace of pimples"
(wouldn't that be great?!) :)

What is "Spalt"?
In case you are a male and you just happen to stumble upon something like this, know: "Spalt" is one of those tablets that your lady-friend takes when she has her (ehmmmm.. how do you guise call that lately?).. moods. :) It's a menstrual-pain relieving medication. 
You can read about the life of Mr. Baginski, the inventor of this medication on Wikipedia.

Small tips for your nail-care

"With the bodice begins the fashion"
Ever so true!

Absolutely marvelous models.
When Budra makes something "exclusive" - it really is!

Eester recipes.
It's a huge holiday in Germany, and by the look of it
many ladies tried to create not only delicious meals
but also a fun "small bites"

A perfect way to give your dining table a spring-feel

Look at this detail!
First time I saw it, it took my breath away still makes me speechless - so adorable.

Great ads

I believe that the model in upper right is
one of "models you have created"
- a way for Burda to promote amateur designers

Sewing course teaches us to 
add a waist to our skirts.

Shop in April
(No, I do not know what the last item is. It's something for the shower,
but I can only suppose and guess..)

A laundry detergent - it has a new package. :)

Puffed sleeves. :)

Let's wrap up this April (it had three parts, because Burda's pages are slowly growing larger). Not that it's a bad thing, quite the contrary.. I love these magazines, every single page is an inspiration, or a small fragment of history.

Funny thing happened today:
I reached into my bag to get my lippy and do some touching-up
reaching, reaching..
for a moment there I was petrified: NO LIPSTICK?!

Fortunately, lipstick is found
and disaster was prevented. :)

Have a marvelous day.


  1. Such marvelously lovely late 50s fashions, ads and other goodies - right down to that tasty looking cake. There is a bit of dirndl/tracht influence in the red dresses in the last photo. Love that! I've always been so drawn to such fashions and those inspired by them. Speaking of which, wow, it just hit me that we're not too far away from Oktoberfest again. I don't drink any alcohol and rowdy parties aren't usually my thing, but I enjoy celebrating it all the same via my wardrobe choices. :)

    Big hugs & tons of happy mid-week wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow, the whitework on that tablecloth is amazing, a real work of art. The drawn thread work on the trees is lovely. I've never been brave enough to try that.

    I keep a spare makeup palette in my desk at work - working in magazines, it comes in handy if someone gets called off to have their photo taken. (Though its main use is if I'm going out straight from work.) That's one way to avoid lipstick loss. I also have a bottle of perfume in there.

  3. I love the white hat that the lady in red dots is wearing!

    I also love the 2nd lady in red dots with her daughters in matching dresses. So cute.

    The white-on-white tablecloth is just darling.