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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

BURDA Wednesday: April 1958, part I

Hello everybody.

Lately, due to many reasons (most of the co-workers are on holidays, the duties had to be distributed among the remaining ones, the heat wave and the air-conditioning issues at work, plumber and electrician coming and going, furniture folks scheduling...) it has became harder and harder to tell days apart. That is where Burda Wednesday comes in - knowing it's time to publish one of these amazing scans separates my week. :)

We start off with an amazing
red polka dot dress and an adorable bouquet. 

Introducing our models!

Here's a feature on spring-summer fashion

Anyone feeling a dash of Paris?

Reader's mail

Through history, ladies have tried and tested
so many product to reduce the weight

Also, through history, ladies have tried and tested
even more skin creams. 

What an amazing idea:
to "wrap it all up" with a bright scarf
around the waist

Entering summer

The title tells everything.
We are, indeed, in polka-dot heaven

Absolute marvels.

The lady on the bottom right:
what most of us vintage-loving gals dreams of:
perfect hostess for a perfect tea-time

Much more glamour.

And this?
"Proven shapes for full-figured"

Note here: Burda's editors have chosen a great word to describe the ladies with more.. mass on their bones. Nowadays, it's all "plus-size", and I say: I don't like that phrase. I prefer the one used in here; and when a lady is "full-figured", it sound so much more decent. 

"indispensable little blouse"

What did brides wear underneath?
Now you know. :)

Now something for the younger ladies..

Dresses for more mature ladies.

Oh, YES! It+s our beloved eyebrow-lady again! :)
The funny thing about her is: this is an advertisement for:
"A delicate protective film for the skin"
but is overpowered by her mighty brows. :)

To tell you the truth, I am not the one to laugh and/or judge anyone's brow look. You might think my brows look decent nowadays - but that is a result of years and years of awful plucking, thinning, shaping, coloring... 
How about you? What is your brow-tale?


  1. My eyebrows don't grow properly - they're about an inch from end to end, my husband says I have eyebrows like a Rottweiler dog! I do draw them in from time to time, but I've lost my brushes os haven't bothered for months.

    I do like the dresses made from embroidered linens. Does the magazine tell people to do the embroidery themselves, or would they have bought the fabric already embroidered? I do have one a little like that, but it's too tight so I haven't worn it yet - got to keep on walking each morning until it fits.

    1. Hey Mim.
      The magazine does feature some embroidery patterns, but they are mostly under "handmade" section; however, later on with years to come, the Editor will place "embroidery how to" on the dresses themselves.


  2. Such lovely dresses! I wish I had some of them to wear now.

    I've read hundreds of 1950s ladies magazines and I have never seen anyone else with eyebrows like Eyebrow Lady's! I guess she added an extra flick of eyebrow pencil to echo her eyeliner.

    1. Dears Dawn,
      Surely they have made her brows a bit more extreme than what any lady would ever wear on a day-to-day basis.. It makes it even more fun, to see what was considered "extravagant" back in the day..