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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Love Story: Riff-Raff

Hello everybody.

It's a sunny Sunday over here - a perfect day for our Town Fair. You can see what fun was it last year, by clicking on THIS LINK, and I'll make sure to snap this year's happenings (well, at least I'll take photos of "the small things") so you can maybe plan coming here next time... (you see, by next year's Fair there will be room for you to stay - at my home

Morning coffee/tea is served? Good.
Then, it's time for a slice of romance to compliment it.
Shall we?

OK, so I have to admit it:
I was rooting for Mayor 
(something to do with men in suits)  :)


Say, this issue of "Diary Loves" also featured
an amusing little page, and I'm sharing that too.

one can never have too many
advises on her style. :)

Off I go to take a walk. Wonderful outdoor air is simply calling for it, and since our Town Fair is also a "red letter in the calendar" (meaning: it's one of the major Saints) you're not supposed to do any labor today. With not much to be done - walking it is. :)
Have a great Sunday.
If you're around - do stop by our Fair. 


  1. Ooohh, for the days when comic books included fashion advice. If that doesn't speak to the glamour and stylishness of the era, I don't know what does!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The glamour is witho no doubt a main issue here.
      (mind the ever-present romantic tale - the dresses and suits these ladies feature are a truly worthy of reading). :)


  2. I hope Sarka enjoyed her walk too. It must be lovely to have the whole town celebrating.

    Maybe one day I will make it over to your part of the world! I like travelling.

    1. Oh, Mim!
      If you DO come this way, make sure to stop by.