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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Love Story: Nightmare Journey

Hello everybody!

We're having a breeze over here, folks. :) The air is fresher, and you can feel the wind on your face; making it much, much better for me to do my outdoor activities. 
We should have had it yesterday, so I wouldn't suffer a heat-shock. Apparently, you get a heat-shock when you roam the city streets with bags in your hands, in full sun (really?!). Not everyone get that dizzy and nauseous feeling, some people don't mind the heat at all - my brother, for instance, had no problem at all. So, later in the day he went on with friends, and I got to stay indoors and write my post on making jam for you guise - if it wasn't for my light-headedness I doubt I'd had the time.. so, there is some good in that. 
I'm all better now.
Some good has come out of all (besides the jamming post): I can now be sure that my brother s moving in a clean flat - clean by my standards. :)

And now:
brace yourselves for a whole lot of adventure!

I told you!
Ahhh, my heart needed a bit of a boost. And, this was one of the exciting ones, wasn't it?
Have a great Sunday.


  1. Darn! I was hoping her dad would find it was her fault the plane crashed and that he would punish her for her selfishness. lol

    1. Oh, Dawn...
      You are yet to learn that in these stories a gal is never to be blamed.. these dolls are too pretty for that. :)
      (naturally, that has no common sense, and that's why we're reading it)

      Have a GREAT week

  2. Agrees to marry one man out of boredom, then falls for one who treats her like dirt?! I hope her father knows a good divorce lawyer, because one way or another she'll need one.

  3. I'm no prude (in the slightest!), but I swear, my first though was, "wow, even when it's supposed to look like her clothes are in tatters, she's more covered up than most people dress nowadays". Ahhh, how the vintage loving mind works! :)

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica