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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Love Story: The desolate heart.. & my 29th

Hello everybody.

Do you see how old I am as of today? :)

My dear, dear friends... as of this day, I am 29 years old. Today, therefore, is my birthday.
I was quite busy since earliest hours, and the reason this post is running a bit late is due to me trying to get everything ready by the time my guest arrive.
I had the crazy idea of me celebrating in my new home - meaning: everything has to be carried there. OK, not every single little thing: I do have an old table and some chairs, that will do as a setting for an outdoor afternoon coffee and cake. Also, in case you're worried about sanitation of such venture: my bathroom seems to be the only room in the entire house that is fully functional (if that was not the case, I will surely not even begin to consider a party). As for carrying of the items needed: there's a benefit of my parent's home being right across the street. :)

I have made you linger for your story.. sorry about that.
Here's the Sunday Love Story:

I will not leave you just yet. While I was preparing a cake for my guests, I had a thought about things I do not do do not eat, do not have in my life.. and that made an excellent idea for a list (we all love lists!)

Here we go:

1. I do not eat milk chocolate
2. I do not own jeans
3. I do not drink milk
4. I do not know how to draw
5. I do not have a proper kettle
6. I do not run
7. I do not have a single magnet on my fridge
8. I do not keep memorabilia from holidays
9. I do not know how to prepare a steak
10. I do not eat turkey meat
11. I do not smile on pictures
12. I do not like color blue
13. I do not go to church
14. I do not use a machine to knead a dough
15. I do not put sugar in my tea
16. I do not accept "brown" as color
17. I do not discriminate
18. I do not eat soy products
19. I do not like being sucked-up to
20. I do not stand a sound of chewing
21. I do not care about being fashionable
22. I do not dye my hair in a salon
23. I do not cry at funerals
24. I do not love dogs
25. I do not drink alcohol
26. I do not mind killing a pig of a chicken
27. I do not drive a car
28. I do not hang family pictures on walls
29. I do not let my inner child go away

This list, in some of it's part, might be silly, in some parts delusional and in some parts completely not in touch with reality...

..and that is exactly what I'm like.. :)

I would LOVE to see your lists, my dear friends.
Oh, happy birthday to me! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and your party in your new house.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      THANK you ever so much.
      The party was a small gathering of couple of my close friends - and as it seems, they've liked the cake. :)


  2. Very interesting list, sweet dear. It's always awesome to learn more about you. Fear not, you're not the only one who isn't a runner. Even when I was healthy and could do so, running was not my cup of tea at at all.

    I hope that you had a stellar 29th birthday celebrate and hope dearly that your year ahead will be a blessed, beautiful, exciting one filled with smiles, great memories and everything that your heart desires.

    Giant hugs - today and for the whole year ahead!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Jess!
      May your wishes for my year come true. :)


  3. Happy happy happy Birthday! So sorry it's belated, I have been on holiday, and have returned to the usual chaos & organising that being away often brings. I do hope you had a truly wonderful day, and next year I can welcome you to the 'Club 30', of which I became a member in January!
    Jenny xxxx (in my preview of this comment, it came up as 'Anonymous', but it's me, Jenny, from Frantically Jenny Frances :) xx

    1. Oh, hello there Jenny!
      I have seen your holiday pictures on Instagram and I completely understand why you've missed out some things (with a holiday LIKE THAT everything is forgiven) :)
      Thank you for your wishes, doll.


      So - you're that "secret" person? :)