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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Love Story: Beloved enemy

Hello everybody.

I haven't been "around" for couple of days, because out town was proud to be a host of something called "Worker's Games" - it's a sporting event where employees from all over the Province come and compete. I haven't competed, but a lot of my friends and colleagues have, so I was giving them a rooting and shouting - support by cheering.

As for you - there s a traditional love story, and it's time for it.

Enjoy this Sunday (I hope it's as sunny as it is over here) :)


  1. It was! Though Monday was a bit overcast and some smoke from a forest fire elsewhere in the valley (they happen every year without fail in this part of country) was further turning the sky hazy. As much as I wish they (forest fires) didn't happen, their telltale scent is part of summer for me and honestly, I rather like it - it's like bonfire smoke magnified. But of course I'd forego it instantly to not have to have these dangerous fires occur!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, my...
      Fires are a huge deal over here, too. We do not have forests, but what we DO have are wheat fiels - and a lot of them, Come summer, all the crops are so dry, and it takes just one spark to make everything a raging fire. It looks extremely scary, the smell is disasterous (smell of ruined crop is a smell of failing)